3 Session Naturopathic Acupuncture Package for Healthy Pregnancy, Delivery Support and Inner Strength

$297 includes 3 sessions of acupuncture and as needed during it yoga nidra (restorative relaxation technique) to support a healthy pregnancy, hormone balance, mental health and energy. These sessions can be used throughout the pregnancy for mom and babe and are often used pre-labour and delivery as part of the naturopathic acupuncture induction to support mom and babe in a natural delivery.

Call (403) 609-8385 to book the first session.

Includes 3 Module Naturopathic Birth Support Home Learning Program.

Acupuncture for Moms. (Period.) (-:

Moms really benefit from acupuncture which is why the title to the section is as it is! Any symptom is a sign the acupuncture meridians could use some TLC. You don't need any traditional diagnosis though and many women include it as part of their self care so motherhood can be navigated with less overwhelm and more calm, inner strength and energy.  A excellent restorative treatment that combines deep relaxation techniques like yoga nidra as needed.

PS - if you are not sure about the whole needle thing come in anyway (you're not the only one who is wary at first) - I have a gentle way to introduce it to you. xo