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Sharing, meditating, breathing, moving, singing and laughing - what better ways to spend an hour growing as a mother? Monika’s heartfelt classes were a wonderful way to start a morning. I left each class feeling validated, knowing I was part of a warm community of mamas who share similar experiences. And Monika’s Waldorf-inspired teachings always gave me new ideas to ponder and play with.
— Hilary, Canmore
Monika makes mothers feel comfortable to be fully themselves. the honesty, love and professionalism brought to the mindful mammas circles are such gifts for women, especially for those who might feel isolated in their experience. when we sit together, I feel a palpable sigh of relief from everyone involved
— Lydia, Canmore
Dr. Monika is one of the kindest and wisest women I’ve ever met. She is an amazing physician who has given me great care for over 10 years. Even now that I live in another province, she continues to consult with me by phone regarding the health needs of myself and my family. I know that she genuinely cares for my family; she always takes the time to listen to my needs and asks a lot of questions; I never feel that she is rushing. She is my family’s most trusted health care provider, even though we are many, many hours away from each other. Thank you Dr. Monika, for keeping my family healthy and for teaching me so much about health, wellness and mommy-ing.
— Kristy- mother of 2, Grand Forks
“I can’t tell you how great it feels to be able to ignite a spark in your kids eyes. I learned the tricks to do this through the simple art of storytelling.”

”Thanks Monika!”
— Karina, mother of 3, Canmore