Reset 2019 Restorative Women's Wellness Retreat in Paradise: Eat. Play. Love.
to Nov 30

Reset 2019 Restorative Women's Wellness Retreat in Paradise: Eat. Play. Love.

Eat. Play. Love. Connect … to you.

This retreat is for women who know that health, happiness and connection to Self are the foundation of fulfillment and joy in every area of their lives and are ready to stress Less so they can live and love more.

Nourish Your Feminine Soul

This retreat is ultimately to nurture the most important relationship in your life … the one you have with yourself. We hear a lot these days about the importance of self-care and self-love and this retreat is a deep nourishing dive into replenishing, reconnecting and reseting.

Reset I Body, Mind, Soul I Life

This retreat offers various yoga practices specializing in the restorative practices of yoga nidra and yoga therapy and the empowering, elevating, playful practices of Kundalini Yoga and Booty Dance. We will be nurturing our connection with our authentic self through nature connection, art, meditation, journalling, movement , beauty and joy.

* No previous yoga experience required

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 9.47.45 AM.png

Picturesque Xinalani Eco Yoga Resort, on the warm and nurturing Mexican coastline, is an ideal location to take a week for yourself. And the last week of November is THE perfect time to step out of the cold and pre-holiday busyness. It really is a powerful time to address our needs for pausing, reflecting, refreshing our energy, reconnecting with self, deep rest and play.

Pause. Refuel. Heal.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 9.49.53 AM.png

One of the many yumminess factors of this retreat is the food. The fresh fruits and vegetables and the healthy, delicious gourmet meals that await you! Xinalani is known for the exceptional food they serve. With a menu designed especially for health conscious people, they offer gourmet vegetarian and non-vegetarian Mexican meals. YUM!

Renew your connection with your authentic self

and your heart of joy.

There are many paths to deepen your connection with yourself. This is the playful, joyful, creative, feminine path. We believe that our felt sense of joy is the voice of our authentic Self guiding us and leading us to becoming masters of our own nourishment, health and happiness and that self-love and kindness are game changers. The environment and retreat activities like the yoga, art and movement with music will be creating conditions for us to access this voice of joy and extend our loving heart to ourselves.


Arrive and be taken care of.

With the staff at Xinalani taking care of our needs, attention and care can be directed to our own replenishment and hearts desires! Release old stress, replenish your energy, reconnect to yourself, gather with like-minded adventurous, heart-centered women and get inspired … feel fully alive and lit from within.

As women in creative and care-taking roles we often carry a mental load of to-dos on the daily. It can be difficult to hear our intuition/soul’s whispers above the have to’s and gotta do’s and what do I cook for dinner and who needs to be driven where. (-: We can lose connection a little or a lot to ourselves and our sense of joy amid the busy. This retreat is a reclaiming and deepening of our connection. Let’s reawaken and reconnect to the joy, peace and playfulness that is who we really are.


You’ll leave with simple practices to keep this beautiful deepened connection alive so your clarity and confidence and beautiful heart can continue to flourish and shine through.


  • Waking up to the sounds of nature and looking out into the expanse of ocean and sky.

  • Enjoying daily yoga, movement and mindfulness practices dropping you out of your mind into your heart and body

  • Connecting with and being supported by other adventurous, heart-centered, empowered women.

  • Being served 21 fresh, healthy, gourmet meals that you did not prepare (or need to clean up after!)

  • The power of nature to deepen your experience of the practices

  • Increasing your capacity for awareness, self-compassion and calm

  • Playful, creative personal reflection activities to open you to a new level of clarity and confidence

  • Feeling lighter and clearer as your nervous system lets go of old, accumulated tension and unprocessed emotions.

  • Feeling your senses awakened by nature and fresh, tasty food - sinking into the warm sand with your toes, fully savouring the juicy joy of fresh papaya with lime

  • Feeling the freedom of reconnecting with your body in a deeper, playful way.

  • Be inspired. Letting nature reflect your beauty and strength back to you.

  • Doing. Nothing.

    Return to a rich simplicity.

    Eat, play, love, connect.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 5.18.44 AM.png

Some Themes Woven Into The Retreat

  • Women’s Wellness

  • Mindfulness in the day-to-day

  • Joy - addressing and clearing common obstacles to our experience of joy

  • The gifts of the feminine in home and work and life

  • Rewiring the brain to create what you desire with yoga nidra

  • Nature connection and the power of space on our nervous system

  • Practical insights and simple practices for living from the heart

  • Self-compassion and self-love on the daily

  • Reclaiming radiance and play

  • Tapping into our creativity and our expression of it in a new way


Feel free to bring something creative that you enjoy doing or are working on. For example some of us will bring our guitars. There will be free time you can use it as you like. When we create space to listen and be fully in the moment and nourish ourself it is common for increased energy and creativity and confidence to emerge …

Dr. Monika Herwig is trained in acupuncture and there will be the opportunity during the week to experience a special healing group yoga nidra that includes acupuncture. Bliss!

 Xinalani translates to “seed” and we will be planting and nurturing the seeds of connection and care for ourself, presence and joyful embodiment through activities including these various types of yoga and mindfulness practices as well as right brain artsy soul inquiry activities such as collaging and poetry.

  • Drop the roles that define your day to day life.

  • Experience the deep rest and life changing gifts of daily customized yoga nidra.

  • Re-energize your mindfulness practice so you can come home feeling more calm, centered and confident. We will start each morning with an optional group meditation down at the beach - it will be either walking or sitting depending on the day.

Who is this especially for?

Really anyone’s life and health will benefit from nourishing self-care, time and space for personal reflection and reconnection and spending time in such exquisite beauty as this Mexican coastline! We do see this being a real game changer for health conscious women - mothers, health care practitioners, entrepreneurs, caregivers and any woman in a leadership role who would like to tap into renewed clarity and confidence and a more loving relationship with herself.

From a women’s wellness point of view we will be choosing practices that will be supportive in restoring adrenal health at a foundational level. Symptoms of adrenals needing TLC can include low energy on waking and/or 2-3 pm, some weight gain around the belly, overwhelm and low libido. We will share practices that shift the emotional signature under these symptoms.

Adrenal wellness impacts health and happiness, ability to meet life’s challenges with confidence and ease not to mention gut health, energy, patience & libido and how you go through the menopausal years.

No yoga or meditation experience is necessary as we can modify for your level.

Tend the fires of joy, peace,

creativity & self-love within you and let the

warmth of that bless you and ripple into your life.


There will be spacious free time every day for you to fill or not fill with whatever your heart chooses. There are options at the retreat and near by for both adventure and relaxation. Swimming with dolphins, whale watching, surf lessons, hiking to a waterfall and SUP are all possible as is spending time at the ocean or pool side: journalling, playing guitar, reading, walking barefoot in the warm sand, playing in the water, getting a massage or other treatment at the spa or simply. doing. nothing. Kayaks, snorkels and boogie boards are available at no extra charge to use as you like.


Remember the YOU beyond the daily roles.

Pause and realign.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 2.36.30 PM.png


Your retreat facilitators will be Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Dr. Zhiish McKenzie MD, Tara Newbigging, a special guest, and the amazing staff at Xinalani. Dr. Monika is a mother, yoga teacher, nature lover and runs a naturopathic practice focussed on Mind-Body Health and Women’s Wellness with a specialty in Adrenal Health, Detox, Gut Health and Mindfulness/Yoga Therapy for Mental/Emotional Health and Feminine Leadership. She has facilitated wellness programs, cooking workshops and retreats since 2000.


The expectation is for this to be a technology free week. This is an opportunity to leave the busy and create space to listen inwardly and be present here in mind as well as body. If you have a commitment to connect daily for example with your kids then yes of course do that but the intention in this retreat is for us to as much as possible unplug.


We will be collaborating with dance-fitness-yoga leader Tara Newbigging (aka - Energy Movement Master Coach) during our week on some joint offerings for you! Tara and Dr. Monika work collaboratively during the year and are thrilled to be able to host their Women Empowerment/Play/Wellness Retreats at Xinalani the same week. (-:

Latest News: Adrienne Lawlor - “GROOVE facilitator “ and mindfulness/artistically inclined women’s empowerment leader will be sharing some activities with us as well - all with the intention of replenishing and connecting with our authentic selves. It will be a RICH week - SUPER excited!

Check out the retreat details at

Pool during sunset.jpg


All-inclusive packages start at the early bird shared accommodation price of just $ 1495 US and include 3 healthy gourmet meals/day, shuttle to and from the airport in Puerto Vallarta, return 20 minute boat ride to Xinalani, 7 nights deluxe accommodation, daily yoga and mindfulness classes and other retreat activities .

Our lovely retreat planner Cathy Wassermann is looking after you and the booking logistics. She can be reached at You can fill out the form below and send it to her or contact her directly. She can help you find a good flight and answer any questions you may have.

To have your pick of the accommodation option you would like, reserve your spot sooner than later. There are limited rooms and the retreats at Xinalani have a habit of filling up!

We will be taking advantage of this nature’s paradise and bringing practices into nature as much as we can. Everything is designed with the intention of replenishing your adrenal reserves and nurturing connection with the all of You.

Looking forward to this deeply nourishing time together …

xo, Monika, Zhiish, Tara, Adrienne and the Staff at Xinalani

Where joyful and fun meets soulful and sacred.

She Shines 2019 Event.



She Shines 2019 Internatonal Event.

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to Mar 15


Mind-Body-Soul Reconnection & Renewal Weekend for NDs

This is for you if you are an ND who is a mom, who works with moms and children or is planning on having a family in the near future and would enjoy some R & R to stay resourced yourself or to pull a POWER MOVE in the direction of your own advocacy and self-loving. You are worth it!!! (-:

The time you take for your own healing as a mom and caregiver is priceless. The fresh air, forests, mountains and rivers (and just getting away) give us fresh perspective.  This is a container for you to reconnect with yourself, reset and feel supported.

Come and recharge with like-minded colleagues (soul sistahs!) and leave with potent tools to support you and your children as well as your patients.

This is for you if you are invested in parenting consciously and having more JOY and less tension in your life in general.

My intention is that this has a 'come-as-you-are-pyjama-party' feel. It's all about you - no need to impress anyone about anything here - fully let yourself relax and let go. This retreat will attract amazing women ... you will be in great company.


Why come?

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship are two of most intense paths for personal development and creating time to reset and a sisterhood to support is essential in avoiding burnout and other health issues. Recharging with a retreat is like putting money in the bank. When you invest in your own self-care and empowerment and joy you are doing far more for your children than any money you are putting away for them. Gosh I know I am speaking to the choir - we talk self-care with every patient - but honestly how filled up are we keeping ourselves.  Your children thrive on being with the unstressed, present you.

It is easy as NDs and mothers to feel like we have to have it all together all the time and our energy often flows predominantly outward towards those we're caring for. This mini-retreat is a place and time to direct all that caring inward to YOURSELF within the container of other women who share similar passions and values as you. 

If you are a mom or work with them you know that  giving without receiving is not sustainable. The time to nurture you is ... now ... possibly even yesterday. lol Taking time to be still and fill ourselves up is so essential.

Doctor Heal Thy Self

One big piece of the retreat will be to experience the different ways we can bring Yoga Nidra to ourselves, our mama clients and children and their families starting preconception. 

Yoga Nidra is a simple, lying down/seated guided mindfulness mediation that any of your clients can do to empower them to put themselves tangibly in touch with their own healing forces. Nidra will make everything else they are doing with you be more potent.

I have been sharing Yoga Nidra in group with the moms here in Canmore, with my clients 1-on-1 and with moms on the West Coast and the feedback has been incredible. Nidra is so inline with our Naturopathic tenets - it covers them all actually - including true teaching and empowerment of our clients and addressing the root cause.

Why this Retreat?

Here's the low down for you. I have been very fortunate to take the Amrit Yoga Nidra Facilitator 10 Day Program, and the week-long Advanced Training.  I paid around $5000 to complete and attend the trainings and needed to take 3 weeks total off work.  It was a big commitment and I have fallen in love with it for myself and the population I work with.

Yoga Nidra is such a good fit for NDs but I know how hard it can be to get away for long periods of time (especially when the kids are little) to do this type of training.  I am breaking it down so you can have the key pieces of my learnings that I found most practical and beneficial for you as an ND, for your children and your patients ... and get deeply nourished yourself.

To be clear the yoga nidra sessions are just one piece of the weekend. The intention of the weekend is restoration and connection. You will not be a certified yoga nidra facilitator but you will be able to easily bring the nidra (and its benefits) to your practice and family through the supported materials that come with the weekend retreat as you like. (-:

I am most excited to offer a training that will bring you back home NOURISHED so you can FLOURISH! xo

Where: Rocky Mountains, Canmore, Alberta (details sent to you closer to date)

Cost: $297 before May 13, $347 after.

Pay only $247 each when you bring a friend!

If this calls to you register early to take advantage of the savings.

E-mail for more information or to pay by e-transfer!

What You Will Leave With:

  • Rejuvenation, Restoration, Inspiration and Kinship

  • Experiential Understanding of the Key Ways to use Yoga Nidra in Your Life and in Your Practice

  • Group Yoga Nidra Experiences with Acupuncture Integration Option

  • Knowing What is Essential for You In This Season of Your Life

  • Self Discovery & Reflection with Movement & Art and Nature

  • Yummy Organic Nutritious Suppers will be provided!

  • Deeper Understanding of Child Development and How this Informs our Mothering (this is fun and we didn't learn these pieces in school!)

  • Time in Nature and in the Glorious Mountain Town of Canmore as Part of Integration

  • 3 Mama Specific Yoga Nidra Tracks for you to use and freely share with the moms and kids in your practice. You'll be able to use them right away.

  • 2 Child Specific Nidra Tracks will also be included

Early bird registration cut off May 10, 2019

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SheShines: Reclaim The Gifts of The Feminine in Work, Mothering & Leadership
7:00 PM19:00

SheShines: Reclaim The Gifts of The Feminine in Work, Mothering & Leadership

This Yoga & Learn is to support ambitious, successful women and mothers light up the world without burning themselves out. We will learn practical ways to connect with the untapped gifts of our feminine nature for more balance, play, fulfillment and joy in work and mothering.

Why this is game changing ….

Men have VERY different hormonal rhythms than women. This may seem obvious but what isn't commonly recognized is that most women are working in accordance with the male hormonal rhythm ... in leadership, work and in mothering ... basically in life. This is costing us our health, joy, spark and confidence.

As a Naturopathic Doctor who supports women with low energy, overwhelm, menstrual irregularities, anxiety, PMS, peri-menopause imbalances (and other symptoms of the adrenal glands needing help) I have seen that this road leads to burnout. It is just not how we are made.

This evening Yoga & Learn with Dr. Monika will introduce you to the gifts of the feminine and of our cyclical (non-linear) hormonal nature. You'll learn how to work with your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle in a practical, simple way that informs the other aspects of your work, mothering and life so you can enjoy a more easeful, healthy and sustainable way to share your gifts and shine your light in the world!

The evening will include some restorative women’s wellness yoga nidra so please bring a yoga mat, a pillow, eye pillow (if you have) and blanket and a journal and pen for notes. xo

And if you have daughters you can pass on this wisdom to them!

Not having a regular period for whatever reason? Still come! Your nature continues to be cyclical whether you are still bleeding regularly or not.

And if you have daughters you can pass on this wisdom to them!

The cost for this workshop s $37 and will be held at Rocky Mountain Soap Company in Canmore, #201, 106 Bow Meadows Crescent (in the Industrial Area)

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LEARN THE FEAR-TO-POSSIBILITY PROCESS: Workshop For Wellness Leaders (Coaches, NDs, Holistic Practitioners/Students)
6:30 PM18:30

LEARN THE FEAR-TO-POSSIBILITY PROCESS: Workshop For Wellness Leaders (Coaches, NDs, Holistic Practitioners/Students)

This 2 hour course will teach the Fear-to-Possibility Technique also known as the Overwhelm to Ease Process. A quick, empowering way to get to the heart of what is going on with your client who is stuck in a certain area of their life, and to shift.

It is a simple, safe, yet potent process to connect individuals to their own wisdom and support emotional and adrenal gland health. It is a body centered, grounded process that in a short period of time (less than 10 - 30 minutes) creates the space for the client to move from stuckness/overwhelm/indecision/confusion to clarity and next step. From a TCM perspective it re-establishes flow and energy. It is great for coaches, coaches-in-training, NDs and other growth mindset wellness practitioners/entrepreneurs who work with mind, body, and spirit and would enjoy another tool to (as needed) support energy shifts and growth for their clients.

This process can be easily with great effect be brought into coaching, acupuncture, belief work and bodywork. It empowers clients and frees emotional energy blockages that get in the way of growth, power and healing (specifically adrenal, gut and thyroid health) and is client led. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience and lead the process and receive a PDF of how to use it in journalling as well as an audio of the process. (-;

Space is limited. To have a conversation to see if this would be beneficial for you to take text Dr. Monika at 403 678-7901.

Cost of the workshop is $97 before May 1st and $147 after May 1st. For the first 6 to sign up a 30 min private Fear to Possibility Process with Dr. Monika (value $90) will be added as a bonus. (-: 

To register, send e-transfer to Password: Possibility

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to Jun 13



This Package includes two 6 week Naturopathic Nourished Mama Project Programs and extra support and trainings along the way.

It is a little bigger container for moms who know that it can take time to create lasting positive changes, enjoy the getting together with other moms aspect and who are ready to prioritize their heart, health and joy and peace of mind. (-:

The whole program starts February 14th and goes till the New Moon on June 13th. 

In total there will be 12 in person sessions (time of recharging on all levels with Yoga Nidra &  Acupuncture (6 sessions), Art, Reflection, Coaching and Educational Pieces Related to Conscious Parenting) (value  $597)


  • 3 Mama Wellness Essentials Home Learning Support Videos (1 every month and a half) (value $90)
  • Planning for Presence Evening/Afternoon Workshop to Learn a Practical Process of Staying Aligned and Out of Overwhelm in the Day-to-Day (value $57)
  • Last Day Group R & R afternoon/day at the Banff Springs Spa (value $147)
  • J.O.Y. (Journey of Yes) Home and Heart Alignment Process - 2-3 hours of a de-cluttering process that healthifies your home, deepens your connection to your intuition and heart and leaves you with a space that makes you smile! (value $297) OR 1 hour Naturopathic Consult (value $165).
  • There will be a Private Facebook Group to share resources as well for those of you who would benefit from that.
  • If extra naturopathic or coaching support is needed/desired participants will have a 25% discount to apply to these for the duration of the program.

For those with coverage for Naturopathic Medicine or with a Health Spending Account a significant portion of this program can be claimed - just talk to Dr. Monika if this is you so we can get you the proper receipts. (403) 609-8385

Space in program limited to 6 women.

Cost for this Naturopathic Package (first run of it) is $597 (or $150/month) 

Group Class Dates:

NM Project Session 1: Feb 14, 28, March 7, 14, 21, April 18 - Theme: Inner Peace for Moms: Clear Mind, Loving Heart, Nourished Body (Wholehearted Living System of Nourishment and Alignment.)

NM Project Session 2: May 2, 9, 16, 30, June 6, 13 Theme: Connection: Simple Ways to Incorporate Conscious Communication and Compassion into Our Parenting (and lives!)




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10:30 AM10:30

Clear Calm Mind Reboot: 5 Step Process for Soulful (but wish could be more organized!) Moms

Systems are key for motherhood! Why? Because nothing drains our energy mor than a scattered mind and home and life.

- I will bring the materials for the Clear Calm Mind Reboot Process

- a 5 Step Practical Process of Re-designing Your Relationship to Your "to do lists" and Your Life! This will be as self-directed as you like with check-in support times that we will set up in the a.m. on arrival. You will need to set aside 20 or so minutes of pre-Retreat preparation time to have Step 1 complete before the Spa Day (it's easy and will be sent to you by email with the details.) (Value $147)

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Breathe, Play, Love: A Mindfulness & Empowerment Weekend for Mothers in Transition
to Mar 1

Breathe, Play, Love: A Mindfulness & Empowerment Weekend for Mothers in Transition

Rocky Mountain Restorative and Empowerment Retreat for Mamas in Transition or on the Edge of One. Regardless of the nature of your transition - whether it is tied to work, relationship,  sense of purpose,  an internal shift in consciousness or just a feeling of "something needs to change!", simple practices that keep you grounded and centered and allow you to be buoyant in the face of change and uncertainty are potent. This retreat is a "come as you are pyjama party" - a place to relax, recharge, learn, play and create the space for your own wisdom and the wisdom of your fellow mamas to emerge.

You will leave the weekend with basic tools to nourish yourself daily and to support you in creating a foundation of wellness in your day-to-day home life. These tools can give you traction in regards to 3 common challenges mamas come up against and support you through these during this transformative time. The practices are simple and not only acknowledge the reality of being a mama but work with the gifts of that and create a home life that nourishes. The practices are for working and stay at home moms alike and take into account that this is a very full time in your life.

A care package based on the teachings and practices will accompany you back home.

Includes Mindfulness, Yoga , Expressive Arts, and Mind-Body Wellness Foundations.

Facilitators: Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Adrienne Lawlor, and Deborah Desilets 

Dates: Feb 27, 2015 - March 1, 2015

Times: Friday 7pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9-3pm

Investment: $372 for the weekend, $327 when you bring a friend

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SUPPORT FOR OUR INNER BLOSSOMING: 7 Week Chakra Balancing Yoga Nidra Series
to Mar 22

SUPPORT FOR OUR INNER BLOSSOMING: 7 Week Chakra Balancing Yoga Nidra Series

Starts Wednesday January 25, 2017 - for 7 Weeks. (No class February 22, 2017)

Wednesdays, 10:20 am - 11:45 am 


Each class will start with an exploration into each Chakra followed by a  Yoga Nidra Chakra Balancing Session (35 minutes - Yoga Nidra is a simple, yet deeply restorative sleep based relaxation process) 


* Discover the practical ways the state of your Chakras is influencing your energy, emotions, physical health and your relationships ... you will learn how they are linked to your hormonal system and nervous system and why women benefit from knowing how they work.

* And what you can do to support their function and thereby affect your energy, health and happiness in ways you may not have thought of!

* Experience and take home simple tools to support the health of each of your Chakras as needed.

* Be empowered in your mind, body, spirit health with like minded conscious peeps (-:

BONUS: for this first running of this class you will have the opportunity to have your energetic system and chakra health individually assessed at the beginning and end of the program through the REBA testing device for no charge. (Value: $280)

Cost for 7 Week Program: $189.00 (Max 4)

Note: Portion of Program Fee is eligible for Naturopathic /Extended Health Coverage.

E-tranfer payment to or bring cash/chq to first class. Drop-ins possible - text 403 678-7901 to check in.


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YOGA NIDRA MINDFULNESS SERIES FOR MOMS (and tips for their busy kids!)
to Dec 21

YOGA NIDRA MINDFULNESS SERIES FOR MOMS (and tips for their busy kids!)

Feeling overwhelmed, irritable, gaining weight around the waist, having headaches, worsening PMS, tight muscles ... even digestive problems can be a sign "Momstress" is getting to you. Motherhood can be a full-on time and when the tension is greater than relaxation stress happens. Overtime this can take a toll on our health, hormones, mood and basically our ability to enjoy ourselves on this uber precious (albeit challenging) journey of parenting.

This series is a deeper dive into how you can use Yoga Nidra for you and your children to feel calmer, healthier and happier. 

*FYI - Yoga Nidra is a simple, guided series of mindfulness exercises (breathing and body awareness) that are strung together to bring you into a restorative brainwave patterning state where healing happens optimally. 30 minutes is said to be equivalent to 4 hours normal sleep.

Features and Benefits of the Program:

  • Experience 6, 30 minute-ish Yoga Nidra Practices with the group (group practice is more powerful than individual for many and positive changes have been noted on brain scans after just 11 hours of yoga nidra) . 
  • Learn how to use this easy, can't-do-it-wrong Mindfulness meditation (I'm talking about Yoga nidra!) on your own to get the most benefit.
  • Receive a passcode to have access to a compilation of Mama Bliss Yoga Nidras to download onto your devices. 
  • Understand your child's unique consciousness and how knowing this can transform your parenting - brain neuroscience translated to the practical day to day.
  • Use Yoga Nidra to get clear on difficult decisions.
  • Share in the Sistahood (this should be at the top of the list!!!). Oxytocin (AKA - the tend and befriend hormone) is the female anti-stress hormone and flows abundantly through us when we get together like this!

Where: Mountain Pod Yoga Studio in Canmore on Bow Valley Trail. Class size limited to 6.

When: 6 Wednesdays, November 14, 2016 to December 21, 2016.  

Classes run 10:15 am - 11:45am.

Bring eye pillow (if have one), yoga mat, journal and something to write with.

Cost of Program:  $147 which can be e-transfered to to reserve your space or by paypal.


Looking forward to being together ... Dr. Monika (-: Naturopathic Doctor and  Advanced Level Yoga Nidra Facilitator for Adults and Children



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PRESENCE & PLAY IN PARENTING: Mantras (and more!) for Mamas
to Nov 16

PRESENCE & PLAY IN PARENTING: Mantras (and more!) for Mamas

* Click on the Title above for Full Workshop Write-up and Paypal Registration Option

A Morning of Healing Mantras and Songs to learn and bring into your day to Nourish you and your Child and cultivate Joy in your home!

This is for you if you've been curious about some child/family friendly mantras, you like to sing or you're looking for fresh songs to lift up your day and your spirits. Songs can be a huge help in parenting in general and navigating transitions and keeping us sane and centered. Waldorf and Kundalini-inspired. (-:

Two dates to choose from: Wednesday, November 9 , or Wednesday, November 14

Where: Mountain Pod Yoga Studio. 8:45 am to 10:15 am. 

Due to space limited to 6.

"Present not Perfect" is the overall Mantra for this --- see write-up for details and hope to see you there!

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SOULFUL, CONSCIOUS PARENTING PROGRAM -  "Be loved, Beloved": Communicating and Connection
to Oct 26

SOULFUL, CONSCIOUS PARENTING PROGRAM - "Be loved, Beloved": Communicating and Connection

In this 6 week Soulful, Conscious Parenting Program you'll be learning some pretty cool foundational concepts to help you understand your child's brain development (emotional and mental) and his/her changing consciousness so you are more able to truly meet him/her in the moment and nourish your connection with each other. More understanding translates to more ease and joy (and less frustration) day-to-day. YES! (-: Yoga Nidra is included in every session.

What will the Sessions look like?

The short answer is that each week you will be guided as a group through a 35 minute lying down Yoga Nidra * meditation and the remainder of the time will be a mix between education, various experiential exercises/reflections based on the concepts, and of course sharing (as people wish). 

*FYI - Yoga Nidra is a potent mama friendly sleep based meditation tool that supports the free, beautiful flow of your own and your child's self-healing forces by a series of breathing and mindfulness exercises that bring you into the brainwave/nervous system state where healing happens optimally. As a bonus (!) old beliefs that aren't helping us can be transformed here helping us rewire our brain so it is easier for us to live a more conscious life that is aligned with our own values and heart desires. 

Features and Benefits of the Program:

  • Experience 6, 30 minute-ish Yoga Nidra Practices with the group (group practice is more powerful than individual for many and positive changes have been noted on brain scans after just 11 hours of yoga nidra) . 
  • Learn how to use this easy, can't-do-it-wrong Mindfulness meditation (I'm talking about Yoga nidra!) on your own to get the most benefit.
  • Receive a passcode to have access to a compilation of Mama Bliss Yoga Nidras to download onto your devices. 
  • Understand your child's unique consciousness and how knowing this can transform your parenting - brain neuroscience translated to the practical day to day.
  • Learn and experience my favourite, seriously efficient process for taping into your body's wisdom for guidance when you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck.
  • Learn from my experience what the single most important quality in the mindfulness journey for moms is.
  • Learn my favourite one-syllable magical word to bring into your parenting and hear how my daughter is using it with our new puppy and how it ties so well into the above most important quality.
  • Access to laser Coaching as needed and time allows.
  • Share in the Sistahood (this should be at the top of the list!!!). Oxytocin (AKA - the tend and befriend hormone) is the female anti-stress hormone and flows abundantly through us when we get together like this!

BONUS: a complimentary story-based Yoga Nidra audio recording for you and your children to go Zen together with.

Why this Program and the Content?

I want to be part of helping this information go mainstream because I am crazy about kids and I've noticed that most people (even teachers and doctors I've spoke with) were never taught many important things in this area - for example that children's predominant brainwave patterns are very different than adults and what this means in terms of the way they learn best, stay healthy, interact with life and deal with stress, etc. Once you know about this you can use your own wisdom and creativity to engage from this new understanding. I have noticed that it creates less tension and naturally brings more play and compassion in child-adult interactions. (-:

My wish is that the  BIG LOVE you feel for your child reaches him/her.  I've come to understand that there are things we think, do and say that unknowingly create separation and affect our children's ability to receive the love we have for them. There's a big shift globally happening towards more conscious parenting and attention given to the developing brain and consciousness of children that is helping our intention to connect compassionately happen. Group support takes the hard out of change and adds the warmth and fun ....


If you are INSPIRED and able to join some other soulful, heart-centered stay at home moms and mompreneurs we'd love to have you. We start the Fall 6 week session next Wednesday September 14th at 10:20 am at the Mountain Pod Yoga Studio in Canmore on Bow Valley Trail. Class size limited to 6.

When: Wednesdays, October 14, 2016 to October 26, 2016. No class October 5th. Classes run 10:20 am - 11:50 am. Bring 

Cost of Program:  $147 which can be e-transfered to to reserve your space.

Soulful, Conscious Parenting is not about perfection it's about connection and kindness (to yourself first!). Even though I am facilitating this class I'm right there beside you on the journey (or sometimes in the trenches!!!). lol

Looking forward to being together ... Dr. Monika (-:


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Calm Mom Mindfulness Circle: from Frazzled to Free
to Jun 27

Calm Mom Mindfulness Circle: from Frazzled to Free

 This 8 Week Mindfulness training course is for you mom if you are ready to live motherhood with intent and make your peace of mind and happiness a priority. If mama ain't happy nobody is happy. There's so much we bend over backwards to give our children but everything pales compared to the gift of our own well-being and presence and joy. Motherhood isn't necessary the time for an on-the-cushion lengthy meditation practice - its more like a 24 hour spiritual bootcamp! Simple changes make huge differences and taking time-out to recharge with like minded mamas nourishes the whole family. 

You will learn and practice simple mindfulness exercises  and breathing techniques that can increase your patience, raise your happiness set point, decrease stress/anxiety and basically bring back that fun-loving, light hearted you! Each week you will integrate another one of the 8 Pillars of Peace into your home life so that after the 8 Weeks you have a solid foundation to continue to thrive from. This course is designed with the needs of parents with children birth to 14 years old in mind but all parents are welcome.

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Mindful Eating: Eat Better, Feel Lighter NEW!
to Feb 12

Mindful Eating: Eat Better, Feel Lighter NEW!

Eat Better. Feel Lighter. Live your life in a healthier body!

Mindful Eating: 4 Week Holistic Nutrition Course - Tuesdays 5:30 - 6:30pm. Starts September 16. This course will give you the fundamentals of good nutrition and help you make sense of all the info out there on what is/isn't a healthy diet. We'll work together to implement simple changes to affect big changes in your energy, clarity and body composition. There will opportunities to experience new, yummy foods to bring to your table and your life.

Book through Elevation Place - 403 678-8920 - Course #11323

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Healthy Mamas, Healthy Kids NEW!
to Mar 17

Healthy Mamas, Healthy Kids NEW!

This 8 Week Mindful Parenting Course is designed to help us transform stress, and build joy and resilience in our day-to-day lives. This course is designed for moms with children birth to 6 years old - course is for moms(babes in arms welcome).   This course will provide tools to empower us to meet our days, ourselves and our families with our authentic joyful, present selves. You will learn about common practices that are being found to increase and decrease stress for kids, about your adrenal glands and how to nourish them, the benefit and tips of healing storytelling for you and your children and much more. We will practice meditation and yoga together and work practically to bring more peace and simplicity into our homes and our lives.  Start your fall empowered, calm and clear.

Registration and classes thru Elevation Place  - 403 -678-7135

Babes in arms welcome. Childcare services available through Elevation Place.

11359  Tu        January                     10:30 -12pm   8 classes 
Instr: Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Naturopathic Doctor, Mind-Body Wellness Educator.

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Feel Confident Using Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) with Your Family
7:30 PM19:30

Feel Confident Using Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) with Your Family

Family Wellness Workshop with Dr.Monika Herwig ND

Feel confident using essential oils with your family. Sept. 30, 2014 7:30pm - 9:00pm. $25.

Practical, nurturing workshop that will leave you feeling empowered in using this great healing modality to support a healthy day-to-day life for you and your growing family.

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Fairy Fridays - Fall Nature Connection - 4 Week Session
to Oct 11

Fairy Fridays - Fall Nature Connection - 4 Week Session

Dr. Monika Herwig offers these Waldorf-inspired Fairy Friday mornings to nurture our children's connection to themselves, local plants and animals, and each other through time in nature, imagination, story and art. Will learn about the local medicinal and edible plants in a magical way.

4 Friday mornings - September 12, 26,  October 3, October 10, 2014

8:45 am - 11:45 am

Cost: $160.00

* Fairy Fridays start up again in the Fall. Only 5 spaces available.

E-mail for inquiries. to register.

“Our daughter is still taking about fairy camp one year later. Loved it.”
— Buttercup's mom
My 5-year-old daughter absolutely loved fairy camp with Monika. Frolicking in the fairy forest offered many adventures. My daughter not only belives in fairies, she believes she is a fairy!
— Shelly White, Canmore



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to Aug 7

Fairy Rings and Magical Things 3rd Annual Fairy Camp

Nature and Waldorf-inspired 4 Day Fairy Camp for 5 - 8 year olds. Will include elements of yoga, local herbs, storytelling, water-colour painting and other arts and of course lots of time in nature with the fairies.

To register, send a non-refundable deposit of $90 to with the age and name of your child.

As of July 7th there are 2 spots left.

Sending you Butterfly Kisses and Sparkly Wishes on this warm, wonderful Summer day.

Looking forward to being together, Fairy Blossom (Aka - Ms Monika)

Fairy House Creations

Fairy House Creations

Sending you Butterfly Kisses and Sparkly Wishes on this warm, wonderful Summer day.

Looking forward to being together, Fairy Blossom (Aka - Ms Monika)

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3:30 PM15:30

Storytelling with Your Child: a Nourishing Tradition on Connection

Storytelling is one of the top skills I encourage parents to bring to their parenting and family life. It is invaluable in creating that deep emotional connection with your child and in bringing you out of the hurly burly and into that juicy nowness with your child. 

In our busy world storytelling offers both child and parent a nurturing breath. 

You will learn simple tricks of the trade that will enrich your experience as the teller and your child's experience as the listener. 

Come out and play with like-minded mamas.

9:30 am - 11:30 am - Saturday, June

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"That's sooo cool!" Attn: Parents and teachers of children 5 - 14 yrs old
6:30 PM18:30

"That's sooo cool!" Attn: Parents and teachers of children 5 - 14 yrs old

This course is part of the Summer of Connection Course Series:

Knowing Your Own Temperament and Your Child's/Student's Temperament is indeed very helpful. "That's soooo cool!" is the response I had and the most common response I hear when I bring this information to parents and teachers. It's not complicated and has a huge impact on relationship. 

Sometimes not understanding our child's temperament finds us in a state of blaming and an "us - them" dynamic - we feel disconnected and frustrated and whatever we do seems to make things worse. 

We say or think things like ...
“My child is soooooo slow it drives me crazy!” "This student is lazy …and it takes so long for him to understand …so slow." (Phlegmatic temperament misunderstood)
“My daughter needs so much attention – she’s all over the place – changing best friends all the time….” (Sanguine temperament misunderstood)
“My son is so negative it’s like he really enjoys suffering.” (Melancholic temperament misunderstood)
“My child is trying to run the household. Help!” (Choleric temperament misunderstood)

Each temperament brings gifts and understanding them can help our children and ourselves in very practical day-to-day ways. I have seen this increase connection and ease. 

Temperaments have been used in medicine for hundreds of years as well as nowadays in the workplace to determine suitability for jobs and to help teams work together more efficiently and harmoniously. Knowing the temperaments can have a huge positive impact on your parenting  and teaching (how to tweak discipline for example to meet that temperament) and your relationship in general as its a glimpse into how they and you see the world.

Join us for a 2 hour experiential art workshop on the temperaments.
Great workshop for teachers/parents with children 5 – 14.
Tuesday, June 17th 6:30 - 8:30pm - Canmore
$35 for the workshop - includes supplies. $50 when you bring a friend and register before May 22nd. email

Click here to register 



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The Potency of Poetry: Cultivating Presence
to Jun 24

The Potency of Poetry: Cultivating Presence

A 2 hour session where we explore and set free through creative writing, conscious movement and light hearted writing exercises that soulful part of us that yearns for expression, connection and to be nourished in this way.  We will delve into the potency of poetry as a healing art and a doorway to the present moment, cultivating gratitude and living authentically.
Each class will begin with some centering/mindfulness exercises.

Bring a journal, your favorite pen, a camera and a sense of play. 

Cost : $45 per person,  $60 when you bring a friend.



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Get organized for Summer now -  Building your Natural First Aid Kit
9:30 AM09:30

Get organized for Summer now - Building your Natural First Aid Kit

Let’s get organized for Summer!

It's a good feeling isn't it when something happens - a cut, scrape, headache, car sickness and you've got some tools to pull you through a bit more gracefully. And it's equally frustrating when not having some wipes and a bandaid turns something pretty simple into a bigger deal.  

"Sometimes just looking after ourselves and trying to stay calm is all that is needed to transform the event from trauma to hiccup or "challenge" that we got through - some deep breaths and Rescue Remedy and giving my children a hit of Arnica 200CH on the way to Calgary Children's Hospital  have kept some grey hair at bay! "

Bring your First Aid Kit along or if you don't have one throw it all in a ziplock bag and come join us. We’ll talk about the basics and some naturopathic and homeopathic favourites to have on hand.

Bring a basket if you have one as there will be the opportunity to make a healing basket for your home use. Forest medicine will be discussed as well.
9:30 am – 11:00 am –  Alpenglow  - outside weather permitting.

Cost: $35


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Feel Lighter, Stronger and Clearer: Spring Renewal for Mothers of Young Children
to Jun 19

Feel Lighter, Stronger and Clearer: Spring Renewal for Mothers of Young Children


4 Week Course starting Thursday May 29, 2014

Program Includes:

*Naturopathic nutritional tune up (& tips for family cleanse – all can benefit from a yearly cleanse).
* Simple Mindfulness Movement and parenting gems to de-clutter the mind.
* Reclaim your home space using principles of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf-inspired) to de-clutter and awesomefy your home.

* Share tea and great company.

Snacks from Tasty Life Foods.

When: 4 Thursdays 1 - 2:30 pm
Where: Ralph Connor United Church in Canmore
Cost: $120 , $110 when you bring a friend.

To register e-mail

*Mothers of all stages and ages are welcome. Dr. Herwig has the expertise to modify the nutritional component of this program for pregnant and nursing mothers. Some childcare is available if booked at least 1 week in advance. 

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to Jun 29

Feast and Forage with Your Kids: Edible Plants and Herbs Nature Walk

Edible Plants and Herbs Nature Walk

Location: meet at Larch Island
Date: Saturday, June 29, 2014
Time: Meet at 9:30 am 
Duration: 1 hour but can be more or less depending on you.
Cost: $20 per adult - kids free and this time your partner is free too!
Let's come together to explore, munch, learn, wonder, connect with nature and ourselves and celebrate the delicious unfurling and opening of Spring! (-: 
Kids love to experience nature through all their senses and we're so lucky in Canmore to be able to offer this to ourselves and them - we'll learn how to make salves, dandelion honey, immune teas and much more and what is and isn't safe to eat and when.
 To register e-mail and send e-transfer to this email.

Looking forward to our time together! Happy Summer, Monika (-:

This is the beautiful answer an elder gave to a young boy who asked what to do if he got lost in the forest....

"Stand still. 
The trees ahead and the bushes beside you are not lost. 
Wherever you are is called Here, 
And you must treat it as a powerful stranger, 
Must ask permission to know it and be known. 
The forest breathes. Listen. It answers, 
I have made this place around you, 
If you leave it you may come back again, saying Here.

No two trees are the same to Raven. 
No two branches are the same to Wren. 
If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you, 
You are surely lost. Stand still. 
The forest knows Where you are. 
You must let it find you."

Meet at the entrance to Larch Island in Canmore for an herb walk ~ $20 per person. If register before June 25th you can bring a friend or your family for free!


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