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Get organized for Summer now - Building your Natural First Aid Kit

Let’s get organized for Summer!

It's a good feeling isn't it when something happens - a cut, scrape, headache, car sickness and you've got some tools to pull you through a bit more gracefully. And it's equally frustrating when not having some wipes and a bandaid turns something pretty simple into a bigger deal.  

"Sometimes just looking after ourselves and trying to stay calm is all that is needed to transform the event from trauma to hiccup or "challenge" that we got through - some deep breaths and Rescue Remedy and giving my children a hit of Arnica 200CH on the way to Calgary Children's Hospital  have kept some grey hair at bay! "

Bring your First Aid Kit along or if you don't have one throw it all in a ziplock bag and come join us. We’ll talk about the basics and some naturopathic and homeopathic favourites to have on hand.

Bring a basket if you have one as there will be the opportunity to make a healing basket for your home use. Forest medicine will be discussed as well.
9:30 am – 11:00 am –  Alpenglow  - outside weather permitting.

Cost: $35