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"That's sooo cool!" Attn: Parents and teachers of children 5 - 14 yrs old

This course is part of the Summer of Connection Course Series:

Knowing Your Own Temperament and Your Child's/Student's Temperament is indeed very helpful. "That's soooo cool!" is the response I had and the most common response I hear when I bring this information to parents and teachers. It's not complicated and has a huge impact on relationship. 

Sometimes not understanding our child's temperament finds us in a state of blaming and an "us - them" dynamic - we feel disconnected and frustrated and whatever we do seems to make things worse. 

We say or think things like ...
“My child is soooooo slow it drives me crazy!” "This student is lazy …and it takes so long for him to understand …so slow." (Phlegmatic temperament misunderstood)
“My daughter needs so much attention – she’s all over the place – changing best friends all the time….” (Sanguine temperament misunderstood)
“My son is so negative it’s like he really enjoys suffering.” (Melancholic temperament misunderstood)
“My child is trying to run the household. Help!” (Choleric temperament misunderstood)

Each temperament brings gifts and understanding them can help our children and ourselves in very practical day-to-day ways. I have seen this increase connection and ease. 

Temperaments have been used in medicine for hundreds of years as well as nowadays in the workplace to determine suitability for jobs and to help teams work together more efficiently and harmoniously. Knowing the temperaments can have a huge positive impact on your parenting  and teaching (how to tweak discipline for example to meet that temperament) and your relationship in general as its a glimpse into how they and you see the world.

Join us for a 2 hour experiential art workshop on the temperaments.
Great workshop for teachers/parents with children 5 – 14.
Tuesday, June 17th 6:30 - 8:30pm - Canmore
$35 for the workshop - includes supplies. $50 when you bring a friend and register before May 22nd. email

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