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Healthy Mamas, Healthy Kids NEW!

This 8 Week Mindful Parenting Course is designed to help us transform stress, and build joy and resilience in our day-to-day lives. This course is designed for moms with children birth to 6 years old - course is for moms(babes in arms welcome).   This course will provide tools to empower us to meet our days, ourselves and our families with our authentic joyful, present selves. You will learn about common practices that are being found to increase and decrease stress for kids, about your adrenal glands and how to nourish them, the benefit and tips of healing storytelling for you and your children and much more. We will practice meditation and yoga together and work practically to bring more peace and simplicity into our homes and our lives.  Start your fall empowered, calm and clear.

Registration and classes thru Elevation Place  - 403 -678-7135

Babes in arms welcome. Childcare services available through Elevation Place.

11359  Tu        January                     10:30 -12pm   8 classes 
Instr: Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Naturopathic Doctor, Mind-Body Wellness Educator.