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Breathe, Play, Love: A Mindfulness & Empowerment Weekend for Mothers in Transition

Rocky Mountain Restorative and Empowerment Retreat for Mamas in Transition or on the Edge of One. Regardless of the nature of your transition - whether it is tied to work, relationship,  sense of purpose,  an internal shift in consciousness or just a feeling of "something needs to change!", simple practices that keep you grounded and centered and allow you to be buoyant in the face of change and uncertainty are potent. This retreat is a "come as you are pyjama party" - a place to relax, recharge, learn, play and create the space for your own wisdom and the wisdom of your fellow mamas to emerge.

You will leave the weekend with basic tools to nourish yourself daily and to support you in creating a foundation of wellness in your day-to-day home life. These tools can give you traction in regards to 3 common challenges mamas come up against and support you through these during this transformative time. The practices are simple and not only acknowledge the reality of being a mama but work with the gifts of that and create a home life that nourishes. The practices are for working and stay at home moms alike and take into account that this is a very full time in your life.

A care package based on the teachings and practices will accompany you back home.

Includes Mindfulness, Yoga , Expressive Arts, and Mind-Body Wellness Foundations.

Facilitators: Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Adrienne Lawlor, and Deborah Desilets 

Dates: Feb 27, 2015 - March 1, 2015

Times: Friday 7pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9-3pm

Investment: $372 for the weekend, $327 when you bring a friend