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Mind-Body-Soul Reconnection & Renewal Weekend for NDs

This is for you if you are an ND who is a mom, who works with moms and children or is planning on having a family in the near future and would enjoy some R & R to stay resourced yourself or to pull a POWER MOVE in the direction of your own advocacy and self-loving. You are worth it!!! (-:

The time you take for your own healing as a mom and caregiver is priceless. The fresh air, forests, mountains and rivers (and just getting away) give us fresh perspective.  This is a container for you to reconnect with yourself, reset and feel supported.

Come and recharge with like-minded colleagues (soul sistahs!) and leave with potent tools to support you and your children as well as your patients.

This is for you if you are invested in parenting consciously and having more JOY and less tension in your life in general.

My intention is that this has a 'come-as-you-are-pyjama-party' feel. It's all about you - no need to impress anyone about anything here - fully let yourself relax and let go. This retreat will attract amazing women ... you will be in great company.


Why come?

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship are two of most intense paths for personal development and creating time to reset and a sisterhood to support is essential in avoiding burnout and other health issues. Recharging with a retreat is like putting money in the bank. When you invest in your own self-care and empowerment and joy you are doing far more for your children than any money you are putting away for them. Gosh I know I am speaking to the choir - we talk self-care with every patient - but honestly how filled up are we keeping ourselves.  Your children thrive on being with the unstressed, present you.

It is easy as NDs and mothers to feel like we have to have it all together all the time and our energy often flows predominantly outward towards those we're caring for. This mini-retreat is a place and time to direct all that caring inward to YOURSELF within the container of other women who share similar passions and values as you. 

If you are a mom or work with them you know that  giving without receiving is not sustainable. The time to nurture you is ... now ... possibly even yesterday. lol Taking time to be still and fill ourselves up is so essential.

Doctor Heal Thy Self

One big piece of the retreat will be to experience the different ways we can bring Yoga Nidra to ourselves, our mama clients and children and their families starting preconception. 

Yoga Nidra is a simple, lying down/seated guided mindfulness mediation that any of your clients can do to empower them to put themselves tangibly in touch with their own healing forces. Nidra will make everything else they are doing with you be more potent.

I have been sharing Yoga Nidra in group with the moms here in Canmore, with my clients 1-on-1 and with moms on the West Coast and the feedback has been incredible. Nidra is so inline with our Naturopathic tenets - it covers them all actually - including true teaching and empowerment of our clients and addressing the root cause.

Why this Retreat?

Here's the low down for you. I have been very fortunate to take the Amrit Yoga Nidra Facilitator 10 Day Program, and the week-long Advanced Training.  I paid around $5000 to complete and attend the trainings and needed to take 3 weeks total off work.  It was a big commitment and I have fallen in love with it for myself and the population I work with.

Yoga Nidra is such a good fit for NDs but I know how hard it can be to get away for long periods of time (especially when the kids are little) to do this type of training.  I am breaking it down so you can have the key pieces of my learnings that I found most practical and beneficial for you as an ND, for your children and your patients ... and get deeply nourished yourself.

To be clear the yoga nidra sessions are just one piece of the weekend. The intention of the weekend is restoration and connection. You will not be a certified yoga nidra facilitator but you will be able to easily bring the nidra (and its benefits) to your practice and family through the supported materials that come with the weekend retreat as you like. (-:

I am most excited to offer a training that will bring you back home NOURISHED so you can FLOURISH! xo

Where: Rocky Mountains, Canmore, Alberta (details sent to you closer to date)

Cost: $297 before May 13, $347 after.

Pay only $247 each when you bring a friend!

If this calls to you register early to take advantage of the savings.

E-mail for more information or to pay by e-transfer!

What You Will Leave With:

  • Rejuvenation, Restoration, Inspiration and Kinship

  • Experiential Understanding of the Key Ways to use Yoga Nidra in Your Life and in Your Practice

  • Group Yoga Nidra Experiences with Acupuncture Integration Option

  • Knowing What is Essential for You In This Season of Your Life

  • Self Discovery & Reflection with Movement & Art and Nature

  • Yummy Organic Nutritious Suppers will be provided!

  • Deeper Understanding of Child Development and How this Informs our Mothering (this is fun and we didn't learn these pieces in school!)

  • Time in Nature and in the Glorious Mountain Town of Canmore as Part of Integration

  • 3 Mama Specific Yoga Nidra Tracks for you to use and freely share with the moms and kids in your practice. You'll be able to use them right away.

  • 2 Child Specific Nidra Tracks will also be included

Early bird registration cut off May 10, 2019