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Conscious Parenting Essentials: Mama Tribe Fall Retreat (for moms whose children are 7 or under)

This is a mama only retreat starting Friday evening(March 29) at 6:00pm and ending Saturday(March 30) around 6 pm. Friday time is 6 - 9:30pm.

It is for mothers who have children 2-7 years old and want to gain skills, support and understanding to help them and their family thrive on this ever evolving mama journey. They want to parent from love, understanding, abundance, joy, connection. To enjoy parenting and let go of old ways of parenting that don't feel good, and to create a home life that fosters health and happiness and is aligned with them.

There are 3 components woven into this retreat:

1. Pause & Connect to YOU: Replenish ourselves from the inside out with like-minded mamas. Increase connection to calm and energy and build capacity to lose-it-less through mama-friendly mindfulness practices, self-compassion and some restorative yoga to reset your nervous system and bring you into your heart.

2. Learn & Grow: Deepen understanding on what children need specifically at this key stage from a development point of view and a consciousness point of view and play around with what this looks like in the day-to-day. This info has been life changing and empowering for parents interested in parenting consciously! If you love simplicity and beauty and practical info that takes you to that next level of connection with your child you will find inspiration and insight here.

3. Bring Home Yumminess: Leave with well-loved skills and ideas for increased connection with your child/ren such as engaging children in storytelling in new, simple, magical ways . As a society we have lost mastery in these basic abilities and children (especially from a nervous system, brain and spirit perspective) really benefit from us bringing them back! What I Iove is that these are nourishing and regulating for both mama and child. Soul. Food. (-:

Take this time to pause, renew and get some inspiration to bring back to your parenting ... (-:

For more information text Dr. Monika at 403 678-7901.

Location is in Canmore, Alberta and address will be emailed to participants prior to the retreat.

Cost for the retreat is $247 before March 20th and $297 afterwards. Space is limited.

The retreat includes a bonus 1-on-1 Clarity Mama Mentoring Call with Dr. Monika.

"The greatest gift we can give our children is our presence."

"Parents have the greatest impact on the whole of their children's lives before the age of 7 ... and it's not in the ways we think. Let's learn what we can and provide them with a foundation that honours the unique gifts of childhood and gives them something strong and beautiful to spread their wings from."

Dr. Monika Herwig ND

This season of our life is short and can go fast - you probably are already noticing that! Take time to be supported by mamas who have travelled these roads and those who are travelling beside you.


“ Dr. Monika’s mama circles are so important in a time and age when we often are raising our children away from family. There’s a power in women gathering in circle that carries me even when I step out of the circle.” Mom of 2, Canmore, Alberta

"I can't tell you the feeling it is as a parent to be able to bring out that spark in my child's eyes through learning the art of storytelling with Dr. Monika. Thank you Monika!" Karina, mom of 3, Canmore, AB

"They LOVED the story I told them. Thanks for teaching me how to do it, it was fun !!!" Jill, mama to 3, Canmore, AB

About the Facilitator: Dr. Monika Herwig ND

Dr. Monika has been working as a Naturopathic Doctor in Canmore, Alberta for the last 20 years. She has 2 kids ages 12 and 15 years old and a super adorable Maltese poodle pup.

 I love kids and feel like mothering is the most important job on the planet and what I’ve learned is that the support moms need to truly thrive is lacking.

For the last 12 years I have worked with children directly in fairy nature, yoga, art camp programs I have created and have taken extra trainings in Early Childhood Development as well as in understanding a child’s consciousness and how they learn and connect. For example many people don’t realize that children live in a different brain wave state than us. I have taught Storytelling and Childhood Development at teacher conferences and as well I received a Grant to teach local school teachers and parents of young children.

I have come to understand some simple things about children including what delights them and nourishes them deeply and I want to offer these insights to you as well. One of my favourite discoveries from my time with children and my work with moms has been that the foundational things that children need are actually the same as what mamas need from a health and nervous system/brain point of view. There are sources of nourishment within the day-today of parenting that mainly are untapped due to a lack of understanding and I can’t wait to share these with you!

This journey isn’t about perfection it’s about being real, curious, compassionate and engaged and enjoying the journey even if just a little bit more! That little bit means the world to these souls we have the honor of being mamas to and to our own sense of peace and joy. 

This is just an enfolding journey for everyone. It is ever changing and we are always growing.

Feeling supported and having understanding carves a path for more delight in the journey. A bit more buoyancy through the daily surprises!

My wish is that we don’t miss this beautiful, messy, burst-open-our-heart journey of our and our family’s enfolding.