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Walking Om: 108 Day Naturopathic Wellness & Life Coaching Program with Inner Strength Heart Trek

The Intention of this Program is for women to reconnect with themselves and prioritize their health and joy. It is a wellness adventure/journey (inner and outer) for women ages 35 - 54 to get fit, rediscover their hearts desires and course correct their lives towards living soul-aligned, peaceful, healthy and free.

What does the Program Include?

  • Starts on the February 15, 2020 - New Moon Celebration to Kick Things Off With Intention Setting and Making Your Own 108 bead Prayer Mala.

  • Weekly Journey of the Heart Modules delivered to your inbox over the course of the program including wellness support, inspiration, Spanish basics, training and travel tips.

  • Intimate group - max 9 participants.

  • Facebook group

  • 4 One-on-One Coaching Clarity Calls in Total - 2 pre and 2 post Spain. The post-trek coaching is like the savasana pose at the end of a yoga set - it creates a container to allow everything to assimilate … to integrate. The coaching will be there to help you get the most out of your experience by helping you to distill the gifts of the Camino experience and bring those gifts back to your daily life in a way that sticks.

The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.

6 Recorded Group Mentoring Calls via Zoom

  • Arrive May 14th in Madrid. "Getting You Started" Component in Spain includes meet-up, Travel & Arrival Together to Camino starting point, New Moon Pre-Trek Intention Circle on night of first trek - May 15th. Celebratory Reunion in Compostela or Finesterre May 26.

  • We will meet in Madrid and travel together to Ponferrada. Participants can opt to do the 210 km trek from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela or continue another 90 km to the Sea at Finesterre.

  • Poetry, Photography, Hiking, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Basics will be woven into the Program to support living in the quality of openness and curiousity ... heart-aligned.

We leave the Camino a different person - I believe this is a given -  not only physically are we stronger but our other aspects of being are transformed by this journey too. The extent to which the insights we receive can enter our daily lives in a tangible, sustainable, alive way can be variable as our old ruts can have deep grooves - the support of a tribe and coach at this time can be the difference that helps us make real lasting changes and create new positive grooves as we create lives we truly, deeply love - this is why we have structured this program of transformation for you.

Is This For Me? How to Know ...

  • If you felt an internal YES! when you found out about this opportunity - even though it may not make rational sense and perhaps you're not sure how everything will come together your first feeling was YES. Trust this feeling above all else - it is your inner compass and will guide you like nothing else.

  • You feel stuck and are ready to get the support to name and move past the fear into the new possibility for your life.

  • You are craving a soul adventure.

  • You are tired. You feel like you are in a rut, just going through the motions and want to take a stand for you and your life and feel more alive and on purpose again.

  • You are completing something - a relationship, a type of work, a phase of your life and want to move forward grounded, clear, conscious … from love and joy vs fear and worry.

  • You have been wanting to have a life coach and know intuitively this will help you but have been on the fence.

  • You would like to take time to nourish your soul. Art, poetry, beauty, nature connection will some of the ways we will be some of the ways we will be coming home to ourselves.

Why the Camino?

 At the end of the day the Camino either calls you or it doesn't. There is something about this land - influenced no doubt by the countless prayers, blood, sweat and tears that have graced the brown Earth here for centuries - that makes it an incredible place for healing and miracles and new beginnings. The beauty about the Camino is in also in the simplicity. Many poets talk about how helpful a radical simplification is in times of change and healing and it just doesn't get much simpler than yourself with a small backpack, some good shoes, stunning open road and the willingness to put one foot in front of the other.

Other Reasons the Camino is a Great Choice for Heart Trek:

Accommodation and meals are very affordable (some hostels are by donation), flights to Madrid run under $900, and once you understand the basics of their system of trail markers it is easy to stay on route. The Camino attracts people from all walks of life and who you meet along the way is a big part of the sweet magic.

Common Questions:

Q. What if I fall behind the group?

A. The participants will begin together but then the journey will each become one's own.  This may mean walking the whole way as a group or not seeing each other till the end. You can always take a rest day if you need and the options exist along this part of the route to take a bus for stretches as needed.

The actual pace of your Camino experience once we begin is completely up to you and what comes your way. Most "pelegrinos" (pilgrims) do not book accommodations before as lots of things can influence your choices. Leaving things open keeps us present and curious and let's us follow our gut - this builds trust and invites miracles! You will have all you need to decide on accommodation when you arrive in your place for the night.

Q. I don't speak Spanish, is this OK?

A. Yes, you will be taken care of without knowing Spanish and there will be opportunity to learn some basics.

Q. What is the Cost of the Program?

A. The introductory price for this first-run of whole program is $1080. 

* If you're keen to join this Program email us at with your contact information. 

What the Program Fee does not include:

  • Flight to Spain (flights to Madrid/Barcelona from Canada start at $900)

  • Accommodation and Food (20-30 Euro/day is a no frills Camino budget - some travel for less - private accommodation and massages along the way will bring that number up!)

Why 108?  

Transformation and Integration takes time. The number 108 just 'came' to me one day and then I realized how perfect this number was - it is just over three months - not long in the big picture but it is a significant chunk of time to change mindsets and ignite transformation. 108 is a significant number in the Yogic, and Buddhist traditions and in Nature: the mala has 108 beads, the heart chakra is formed by 108 intersecting lines of energy,  the diameter of the Sun is 108 times that of the Earth, 108 is a number for completion … and here are some more:

1, 0, and 8 - 1 stands for God or higher Truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity.

Chinese - The Chinese Buddhists and Taoists use a 108 bead mala, which is called su-chu, and has three dividing beads, so the mala is divided into three parts of 36 each.

Stages of the soul - it is said that Atman, the human soul or center goes through 108 stages on the journey.

Recommended Reading:

Happy For No Reason - Marci Schirnof

Complaint-Free World - Will Bowen

Buddha-Brain - Rick Hansen

The Brain that Changes Itself  - Norman Doidge

Whatever Arises, Love That - Matt Kahn 

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

Conscious Loving - Gay and Kathyln Hendricks