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SOULFUL, CONSCIOUS PARENTING PROGRAM - "Be loved, Beloved": Communicating and Connection

In this 6 week Soulful, Conscious Parenting Program you'll be learning some pretty cool foundational concepts to help you understand your child's brain development (emotional and mental) and his/her changing consciousness so you are more able to truly meet him/her in the moment and nourish your connection with each other. More understanding translates to more ease and joy (and less frustration) day-to-day. YES! (-: Yoga Nidra is included in every session.

What will the Sessions look like?

The short answer is that each week you will be guided as a group through a 35 minute lying down Yoga Nidra * meditation and the remainder of the time will be a mix between education, various experiential exercises/reflections based on the concepts, and of course sharing (as people wish). 

*FYI - Yoga Nidra is a potent mama friendly sleep based meditation tool that supports the free, beautiful flow of your own and your child's self-healing forces by a series of breathing and mindfulness exercises that bring you into the brainwave/nervous system state where healing happens optimally. As a bonus (!) old beliefs that aren't helping us can be transformed here helping us rewire our brain so it is easier for us to live a more conscious life that is aligned with our own values and heart desires. 

Features and Benefits of the Program:

  • Experience 6, 30 minute-ish Yoga Nidra Practices with the group (group practice is more powerful than individual for many and positive changes have been noted on brain scans after just 11 hours of yoga nidra) . 
  • Learn how to use this easy, can't-do-it-wrong Mindfulness meditation (I'm talking about Yoga nidra!) on your own to get the most benefit.
  • Receive a passcode to have access to a compilation of Mama Bliss Yoga Nidras to download onto your devices. 
  • Understand your child's unique consciousness and how knowing this can transform your parenting - brain neuroscience translated to the practical day to day.
  • Learn and experience my favourite, seriously efficient process for taping into your body's wisdom for guidance when you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck.
  • Learn from my experience what the single most important quality in the mindfulness journey for moms is.
  • Learn my favourite one-syllable magical word to bring into your parenting and hear how my daughter is using it with our new puppy and how it ties so well into the above most important quality.
  • Access to laser Coaching as needed and time allows.
  • Share in the Sistahood (this should be at the top of the list!!!). Oxytocin (AKA - the tend and befriend hormone) is the female anti-stress hormone and flows abundantly through us when we get together like this!

BONUS: a complimentary story-based Yoga Nidra audio recording for you and your children to go Zen together with.

Why this Program and the Content?

I want to be part of helping this information go mainstream because I am crazy about kids and I've noticed that most people (even teachers and doctors I've spoke with) were never taught many important things in this area - for example that children's predominant brainwave patterns are very different than adults and what this means in terms of the way they learn best, stay healthy, interact with life and deal with stress, etc. Once you know about this you can use your own wisdom and creativity to engage from this new understanding. I have noticed that it creates less tension and naturally brings more play and compassion in child-adult interactions. (-:

My wish is that the  BIG LOVE you feel for your child reaches him/her.  I've come to understand that there are things we think, do and say that unknowingly create separation and affect our children's ability to receive the love we have for them. There's a big shift globally happening towards more conscious parenting and attention given to the developing brain and consciousness of children that is helping our intention to connect compassionately happen. Group support takes the hard out of change and adds the warmth and fun ....


If you are INSPIRED and able to join some other soulful, heart-centered stay at home moms and mompreneurs we'd love to have you. We start the Fall 6 week session next Wednesday September 14th at 10:20 am at the Mountain Pod Yoga Studio in Canmore on Bow Valley Trail. Class size limited to 6.

When: Wednesdays, October 14, 2016 to October 26, 2016. No class October 5th. Classes run 10:20 am - 11:50 am. Bring 

Cost of Program:  $147 which can be e-transfered to to reserve your space.

Soulful, Conscious Parenting is not about perfection it's about connection and kindness (to yourself first!). Even though I am facilitating this class I'm right there beside you on the journey (or sometimes in the trenches!!!). lol

Looking forward to being together ... Dr. Monika (-: