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Time to Replenish: A 'Yoga & Learn' Day Retreat for Moms Who Want Do Parenting (and Life!) Nourished

Can you relate to this?

"I feel so depleted."

"Parenting is exhausting."

"I wish I had some time for me."

As one of my mentors likes to say, "Mom is UP!" Come and be nourished. (-:

Perfect time to have a well-day for yourself mama to create some space to reconnect with you, shake off the Winter and get realigned to what is lighting you up so you can live nourished and in tune with your joyful essence. It can be so easy when we are tired and rundown to lose connection to our joy and to find ourselves mothering out of feelings of obligation, guilt, duty, worry and over time resentment.

But it doesn’t have to be like this! Taking/creating time and space with the intention to help you reconnect with YOU … who you are beyond all the roles … and to focus on and care for ourselves (say what?!) is a way to press the reset button and ‘begin again’ more inspired and resourced … more present in our lives and with the ones we love. You are the CEO of your home and your health and happiness benefits everyone! xo


What’s included:

-Nordic Spa Access - this (nature cures!) is what drew me to naturopathic medicine initially. Getting back to the basics - using nature and the elements to ground, heal and restore body, mind and spirit … nourish your capacity for delight and radiance!

- Opening and Closing Circle with mindfulness activities, meditation with acupuncture chill-out points for those who want it, journalling and basically just time to relax and reconnect to you (-:

- "Radiant Mama"  30 minute Wellness Clarity Session with Dr. Monika at some point in the day or in the week before or after the retreat (value $90 ). Either bring something you would like coaching on (an area of your life/health that you want to make a change in) or be led through a clarity coaching process to figure it out ... (-:

- Healthy Treats

- Mama Bliss Yoga Nidra Download for you to cultivate your peace of mind on re-entry into civilization post Spa and onwards ... (-: 

- Hanging out with other women who prioritize their own well-being! Pamper nights and gathering authentically to support one another are potent sources of medicine and what got me through med school relatively sane! I have noticed that the journey of Motherhood benefits from this kind of medicine big time … BIG time …

-Space. Stillness. Time for reflection.

What to bring and what is provided:

  • Bring your bathing suit, a journal, lunch (or buy lunch there), coloured markers, a pen and maybe a good book if that would feed your soul.

  • Towels, robes, cucumber and mint water, lotions, slippers, etc. are provided.

  • Consider unplugging for the time you are there if you at all can. This mini-retreat is whatever you make it - it is an opportunity to slow time, your breath and your body down - to step out of the busy and reconnect with yourself in community. For you mamacita!

Retreat Cost: $165

$165 includes nordic spa access(there are sequences that you can follow so you don’t have to think and at the same time get the most out of the nordic spa experience!) and the retreat with coaching. The naturopathic wellness portion of the retreat that is your individualized ‘radiant-mama’ coaching session (30 min - $90) can be claimed on plans with naturopathic medicine coverage for clients.


From experience It doesn't take much to go from empty to ahhhhh (-; but it does take something. Come and connect to that part of you that knows what nourishes YOU and breathe some energy, clarity and peace into your life.  Here's a little chance (without heading someplace far away and warm) to prioritize your health and joy for real. You are the top asset of your family and your life. Everyone benefits when you are healthy and happy and feeling restored! xo

What a couple moms said after the last mini-retreat:

“I had tension/pain in my chest ongoing for a couple weeks prior to the retreat. At the closing circle of our little retreat day I realized it was totally gone!” L.M, Mama to 2, Cochrane

“The pause that this retreat was for me made me realize how stretched and busy I have been for some time. It was a bit of a wake up call for self care. I didn’t think a day was enough to create any change or forward motion towards a healthier path for me but surprisingly the next day I felt lighter and clearer than I had for some time. I would love a whole weekend sometime!!!” S.M. , Canmore Mom