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LEARN THE FEAR-TO-POSSIBILITY PROCESS: Workshop For Wellness Leaders (Coaches, NDs, Holistic Practitioners/Students)

This 2 hour course will teach the Fear-to-Possibility Technique also known as the Overwhelm to Ease Process. A quick, empowering way to get to the heart of what is going on with your client who is stuck in a certain area of their life, and to shift.

It is a simple, safe, yet potent process to connect individuals to their own wisdom and support emotional and adrenal gland health. It is a body centered, grounded process that in a short period of time (less than 10 - 30 minutes) creates the space for the client to move from stuckness/overwhelm/indecision/confusion to clarity and next step. From a TCM perspective it re-establishes flow and energy. It is great for coaches, coaches-in-training, NDs and other growth mindset wellness practitioners/entrepreneurs who work with mind, body, and spirit and would enjoy another tool to (as needed) support energy shifts and growth for their clients.

This process can be easily with great effect be brought into coaching, acupuncture, belief work and bodywork. It empowers clients and frees emotional energy blockages that get in the way of growth, power and healing (specifically adrenal, gut and thyroid health) and is client led. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience and lead the process and receive a PDF of how to use it in journalling as well as an audio of the process. (-;

Space is limited. To have a conversation to see if this would be beneficial for you to take text Dr. Monika at 403 678-7901.

Cost of the workshop is $97 before May 1st and $147 after May 1st. For the first 6 to sign up a 30 min private Fear to Possibility Process with Dr. Monika (value $90) will be added as a bonus. (-: 

To register, send e-transfer to Password: Possibility