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Reset 2019 Restorative Women's Wellness Retreat in Paradise: Eat. Play. Love.

Eat. Play. Love. Connect … to you.

This retreat is for women who know that health, happiness and connection to Self are the foundation of fulfillment and joy in every area of their lives and are ready to stress Less so they can live and love more.

Nourish Your Feminine Soul

This retreat is ultimately to nurture the most important relationship in your life … the one you have with yourself. We hear a lot these days about the importance of self-care and self-love and this retreat is a deep nourishing dive into replenishing, reconnecting and reseting.

Reset I Body, Mind, Soul I Life

This retreat offers various yoga practices specializing in the restorative practices of yoga nidra and yoga therapy and the empowering, elevating, playful practices of Kundalini Yoga and Booty Dance. We will be nurturing our connection with our authentic self through nature connection, art, meditation, journalling, movement , beauty and joy.

* No previous yoga experience required

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Picturesque Xinalani Eco Yoga Resort, on the warm and nurturing Mexican coastline, is an ideal location to take a week for yourself. And the last week of November is THE perfect time to step out of the cold and pre-holiday busyness. It really is a powerful time to address our needs for pausing, reflecting, refreshing our energy, reconnecting with self, deep rest and play.

Pause. Refuel. Heal.

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One of the many yumminess factors of this retreat is the food. The fresh fruits and vegetables and the healthy, delicious gourmet meals that await you! Xinalani is known for the exceptional food they serve. With a menu designed especially for health conscious people, they offer gourmet vegetarian and non-vegetarian Mexican meals. YUM!

Renew your connection with your authentic self

and your heart of joy.

There are many paths to deepen your connection with yourself. This is the playful, joyful, creative, feminine path. We believe that our felt sense of joy is the voice of our authentic Self guiding us and leading us to becoming masters of our own nourishment, health and happiness and that self-love and kindness are game changers. The environment and retreat activities like the yoga, art and movement with music will be creating conditions for us to access this voice of joy and extend our loving heart to ourselves.


Arrive and be taken care of.

With the staff at Xinalani taking care of our needs, attention and care can be directed to our own replenishment and hearts desires! Release old stress, replenish your energy, reconnect to yourself, gather with like-minded adventurous, heart-centered women and get inspired … feel fully alive and lit from within.

As women in creative and care-taking roles we often carry a mental load of to-dos on the daily. It can be difficult to hear our intuition/soul’s whispers above the have to’s and gotta do’s and what do I cook for dinner and who needs to be driven where. (-: We can lose connection a little or a lot to ourselves and our sense of joy amid the busy. This retreat is a reclaiming and deepening of our connection. Let’s reawaken and reconnect to the joy, peace and playfulness that is who we really are.


You’ll leave with simple practices to keep this beautiful deepened connection alive so your clarity and confidence and beautiful heart can continue to flourish and shine through.


  • Waking up to the sounds of nature and looking out into the expanse of ocean and sky.

  • Enjoying daily yoga and mindfulness practices dropping you out of your mind into your heart and body

  • Connecting with and being supported by other adventurous, heart-centered, empowered women.

  • Being served 21 fresh, healthy, gourmet meals that you did not prepare (or clean up after!)

  • The power of nature to deepen your experience of the practices

  • Increasing your capacity for awareness, self-compassion and calm

  • Playful, creative personal reflection activities to instill a new level of clarity and joy

  • Feeling lighter and clearer as your nervous system lets go of tension.

  • Letting go of beliefs that have been draining your energy and adrenals

  • Sinking into the warm sand with your toes

  • Enjoying the juicy joy of fresh papaya with lime

  • Feeling the freedom of reconnecting with your body in a deeper, playful way.

  • Letting nature reflect your beauty and strength back to you.

  • Doing. Nothing.

    Return to a rich simplicity.

    Eat, play, love, connect.

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Some Themes Woven Into The Retreat

  • Women’s Wellness

  • Mindfulness in the day-to-day

  • Joy - addressing and clearing common obstacles to our experience of joy

  • The gifts of the feminine in home and work and life

  • Rewiring the brain to create what you desire with yoga nidra

  • Nature connection and the power of space on our nervous system

  • Practical insights and simple practices for living from the heart

  • Self-compassion and self-love on the daily

  • Reclaiming radiance and play

  • Tapping into our creativity and our expression/sharing of it on another level


Feel free to bring something creative hat you enjoy doing or are working on - for example some of us will bring our guitars. There will be free time you can use it as you like.

There will be some live music surprises during our yoga-ing.

Dr. Monika Herwig is trained in acupuncture and there will be the opportunity during the week to experience a special healing group yoga nidra that includes acupuncture. Bliss!

 Xinalani translates to “seed” and we will be planting and nurturing the seeds of connection and care for ourself, presence and joyful embodiment through activities including these various types of yoga and mindfulness practices as well as right brain artsy soul inquiry activities such as collaging and poetry.

  • Drop the roles that define your day to day life.

  • Experience the deep rest and life changing gifts of daily customized yoga nidra.

  • Re-energize your mindfulness practice so you can come home feeling more calm, centered and confident.

  • Be inspired.

Who is this especially for?

Really anyone’s life and health will benefit from nourishing self-care, time and space for personal reflection and reconnection and spending time in such exquisite beauty as this Mexican coastline! We do see this being a real game changer for health conscious women - mothers, health care practitioners, entrepreneurs, caregivers and any woman in a leadership role who would like to tap into renewed clarity and confidence and a more loving relationship with herself.

From a women’s wellness point of view we will be choosing practices that will be supportive in restoring adrenal health at a foundational level. Symptoms of adrenals needing TLC can include low energy on waking and/or 2-3 pm, some weight gain around the belly, overwhelm and low libido. We will share practices that shift the emotional signature under these symptoms.

Adrenal wellness impacts health and happiness, ability to meet life’s challenges with confidence and ease not to mention gut health, energy, patience & libido and how you go through the menopausal years.

No yoga or meditation experience is necessary as we can modify for your level.

Tend the fires of joy, peace,

creativity & self-love within you and let the

warmth of that bless you and ripple into your life.


There will be spacious free time every day for you to fill or not fill with whatever your heart chooses. There are options at the retreat and near by for both adventure and relaxation. Swimming with dolphins, surf lessons, hiking to a waterfall and SUP are all possible as is spending time at the ocean or pool side: journalling, playing guitar, reading, walking barefoot in the warm sand, playing in the water, getting a massage or simply. doing. nothing. Kayaks, snorkels and boogie boards are available at no extra charge to use as you like.


Remember the YOU beyond the daily roles.

Pause and realign.

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Your retreat facilitators will be Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Dr. Zhiish McKenzie MD, Tara Newbigging, a special guest, and the amazing staff at Xinalani. Dr. Monika is a mother, yoga teacher, nature lover and runs a naturopathic practice focussed on Mind-Body Health and Women’s Wellness with a specialty in Adrenal Health, Detox, Gut Health and Mindfulness/Yoga Therapy for Mental/Emotional Health and Feminine Leadership. She has facilitated wellness programs, cooking workshops and retreats since 2000.


The expectation is for this to be a technology free week. This is an opportunity to leave the busy and create space to listen inwardly and be present here in mind as well as body. If you have a commitment to connect daily for example with your kids then yes of course do that but the intention in this retreat is for us to as much as possible unplug.


We will be collaborating with dance-fitness-yoga instructor Tara Newbigging (aka - Energy Movement Master Coach) during our week on some joint offerings for you! Tara and Dr. Monika work collaboratively during the year and are thrilled to be able to host their Women Empowerment/Play/Wellness Retreats at Xinalani at the same time and location. (-:

Latest News: Adrienne Lawlor - “groove facilitator “ and mindfulness/artistically inclined women’s empowerment leader will be sharing some activities with us as. SUPER excited!

Check out the retreat details at

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All-inclusive packages start at the early bird shared accommodation price of just $ 1495 US and include 3 healthy gourmet meals/day, shuttle to and from the airport in Puerto Vallarta, return 20 minute boat ride to Xinalani, 7 nights deluxe accommodation, daily yoga and mindfulness classes and other retreat activities .

Our lovely retreat planner Cathy Wassermann is looking after you and the booking logistics. She can be reached at You can fill out the form below and send it to her or contact her directly. $500 USD reserves your spot and she can help you find a good flight and answer any questions you may have.

To have your pick of the accommodation option you would like, reserve your spot sooner than later. There are limited rooms and the retreats at Xinalani seem to have a habit of filling up!

We will be taking advantage of this nature’s paradise and bringing practices into nature as much as we can. Everything is designed with the intention of replenishing your adrenal reserves and nurturing connection with the all of You.

Looking forward to this deeply nourishing time together …

xo, Monika, Zhiish, Tara and the Staff at Xinalani

Where joyful and fun meets soulful and sacred.

She Shines 2019 Event.



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