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SheShines: Reclaim The Gifts of The Feminine in Work, Mothering & Leadership

This Yoga & Learn is to support ambitious, successful women and mothers light up the world without burning themselves out. We will learn practical ways to connect with the untapped gifts of our feminine nature for more balance, play, fulfillment and joy in work and mothering.

Why this is game changing ….

Men have VERY different hormonal rhythms than women. This may seem obvious but what isn't commonly recognized is that most women are working in accordance with the male hormonal rhythm ... in leadership, work and in mothering ... basically in life. This is costing us our health, joy, spark and confidence.

As a Naturopathic Doctor who supports women with low energy, overwhelm, menstrual irregularities, anxiety, PMS, peri-menopause imbalances (and other symptoms of the adrenal glands needing help) I have seen that this road leads to burnout. It is just not how we are made.

This evening Yoga & Learn with Dr. Monika will introduce you to the gifts of the feminine and of our cyclical (non-linear) hormonal nature. You'll learn how to work with your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle in a practical, simple way that informs the other aspects of your work, mothering and life so you can enjoy a more easeful, healthy and sustainable way to share your gifts and shine your light in the world!

The evening will include some restorative women’s wellness yoga nidra so please bring a yoga mat, a pillow, eye pillow (if you have) and blanket and a journal and pen for notes. xo

And if you have daughters you can pass on this wisdom to them!

Not having a regular period for whatever reason? Still come! Your nature continues to be cyclical whether you are still bleeding regularly or not.

And if you have daughters you can pass on this wisdom to them!

The cost for this workshop s $37 and will be held at Rocky Mountain Soap Company in Canmore, #201, 106 Bow Meadows Crescent (in the Industrial Area)