* Every Friday enjoy this offering just for you mom! *


GROUP YOGA NIDRA WITH ACUPUNCTURE for Adrenal and Digestive Health (which affects our energy, mood, sleep, hormones, sex drive, weight and mental health).

This is for you mom to support you in thriving more and feeling like you are "just surviving" less ... in stressing less and loving more on this journey of life and motherhood. These sessions are an hour long. You'll be with a small group of other conscious, like minded mamas who are saying YES to themselves and in effect their families! These women understand that what our children want and need most is actually also what our bodies, minds and souls want ... presence, calm, connection to our soul spark and our joy. Let's nourish these together ... (-:

Better. Together.

Pause. Relax. Refuel. Reset.

                                         "30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to be equivalent to 4 hours uninterrupted sleep (!)."

Yoga Nidra is a guided mindfulness practice that you do lying down in a comfortable position. It releases stress from the body and has a balancing effect on energy, mood, hormones and weight. Adding acupuncture points that support hormonal and energy balance makes this combo an incredibly restorative practice for the health systems that get so taxed in motherhood. So beneficial for moms with young children to nip sleep debt in the bud, for supporting adrenals for moms 35 - 50, for balancing hormones for fertility/PMS and for preventing burnout (adrenal fatigue). Bring yoga mat, pillow/bolster for under your knees and an eye pillow if you have one.

                                                                          Nourishing yourself nourishes the world mama.

Cost: $57 per session (individual sessions available as well Tuesday and Thursdays at $140/session). 

10 session package to be used anytime in 2019 is $497.

Click below to say YES to you and keep that well of yours full. xo

PS - As little as 11 hours of yoga nidra has been shown to create healthy structural changes in the brain as seen on before and after MRI results. 0-:  (-:


FYI - Receipts can be submitted to insurance plans under Naturopathic Medicine coverage or Health Spending Account.  To book, call the office at (403) 609-8385. 

Option to pay in advance is below - especially helpful if your schedule is tight so you have one less thing to do Friday a.m. at the clinic which can be a busy time. Otherwise we accept credit cards, cheque and cash at the front desk at your appointment time. xo, Dr. Monika