When Parenting Feels Bigger than Me … Prayer and Girlfriends

In a Soulful Mothering group one day years ago Rennee talked about how she heard that there's a high unemployment rate for angels these days simply because people aren't asking for help. As mamas the soul is so open to higher realms and eventhough it can feel like a lonely job some days the truth is we are never alone and help and support and guidance is always there. Myself,  I go in and out of remembering to ask - lately I've made it a daily habit to ask for and be open to support - everything flows may better when I do - its not complicated I just set an intention…tune into some things I am grateful for and send out a prayer for guidance and ease and wisdom with whatever challenge or confusion may be up. I am very aware of the power of my thoughts and words celebrating my ability to co-create my reality and I play with imagining great resolutions.

Here's a prayer from Steiner that I sometimes say to invoke sweet guidance and support for myself when the parenting journey feels bigger than me (which of course it is!) ...

Into my will let there pour strength,
Into my feeling let there flow warmth,
Into my thinking let there shine light,
That I may nurture this child
With enlightened purpose
Caring with heart’s love
And bringing wisdom into all things. 

And with that extra strength and fresh perspective I tap into with this prayer I often call a fellow mama and reach out in this realm - we talk, listen, cry, and in the end, middle or sometimes beginning share a good laugh and I am reminded how wonderful it feels to connect with my earth angel soul sistahs here - how YES this motherhood journey is meant to be shared and how great my friends on all realms are at bringing me gently and lovingly home to me and what matters ...

Artwork by Malcolm Glover, Calgary, Alberta - such Soulful work he creates for us.

Artwork by Malcolm Glover, Calgary, Alberta - such Soulful work he creates for us.