Mom, Dad, how do you really want things to roll? 3 areas where small changes NOW (beg. of November) can impact your day-to-day BIG

The beginning of November is a great time to get more conscious about how you want things to roll - the school year is underway and with the extra hour of the time change it is a golden time to take a little inventory and implement some of those good intentions you have for your health and your life. 

Three powerful areas to make even little changes in:

1. Physical space - sit back with a cup of tea, take some breaths, put on some fav tunes and take a conscious look around you at your space. Walk around your space and get conscious to the items in your space that you haven't used or you don't love. We've all heard this many times and we know how good it feels to let go - get creative and do it in a way that nourishes you - it will give you more energy.

We've all been to parents/friends homes that look exactly the same for decades - switch it up and add something inspiring and uplifting to balance the increasing darkness. When I look at the yellow basket in my bathroom I feel myself breathe a bit deeper - colours impact our moods - where could you add a bit of a colour that you love?

Let your space reflect your life NOW - what nourishes you now, what you enjoy now and what inspires you in the dreams you have. Want to get better at guitar? Put it somewhere you can easily see it - print off some songs you want to learn and have it all together - find a time - even short that works to include it. Interested in starting a regular meditation practice? Create an inviting space with a candle/timer/whatever you need. 

2. Sleep  - often children (and adults) are not getting enough sleep. It is easier to get to sleep as the daylight shortens but still I feel like when all is said and done we are getting to sleep later than we'd like. Since waking a sleeping child is one of my least favourite things to do I sometimes let them sleep in a bit longer but rushing in the a.m. isn't worth it either.

Solution: When they were younger I started to follow the advice of a mentor to use the time change in November to start an earlier bedtime. What I noticed was that even though they went to bed technically an hour early they didn't get up earlier and they were generally more rested and cheerful in the morning. As they get older children need less sleep so we'll see what happens tonite...

3. Exercise  - We are meant to move our bodies daily and the shoulder seasons can be tricky for our well-being without some regular, joyous movement alternatives. If you, like myself, love to predominantly exercise outside create some easy backup plans for when it's too icy/cold - it happens (-:  and physical exercise is key for mind, body and spirit wellness.  Swimming, dance, rebounding, spin, yoga  - we are lucky where I live to have lots of options - with young kids I find that the rebounder/ yoga are great easy at home fall backs when its too icy to jog. As a mamapreneur I  do some of my tedious - on hold for ages business calls - while rebounding. "Sitting is the new smoking" apparently so I try to mix up my work day as best I can. What little new habit can you include and where?