Perfect Time for your Family/Business to Cleanse - Huge Benefits

If you haven't yet, I recommend you and your family/workplace do a Fall Cleanse. Your naturopathic doctor can direct you as to what is best for your lifestyle and your constitution. I do suggest  that when possible the whole family/organization does it together with appropriate modifications. Even a 1 year old can benefit greatly from a cleanse and if that shocks you it is probably because we are thinking of differently things when I say the word cleanse. I have in the last 20 years done every type of cleanse and have come to believe that you don't have to suffer on a cleanse and that some cleanses that are great for some people are not so for others. I have 3 that I mainly use now  that seem to fit my range of clients and all ages.

All ages cleanse: Homeopathic formulations created in pharmaceutical standard labs in Europe are a very gentle and effective way to support the body's routes of elimination (kidneys, liver, bowels, lymphatics, lungs). They prevent the accumulation of toxicity in the body that can lead to symptoms of poor health. A yearly cleanse is a great tune-up and preventative measure for life long health. Chelidoniumplex and the the Undas are common remedies used by whole families and are easy.

Less toxicity = better immunity, less inflammation and countless other benefits.

For businesses this translates to better moods and more clarity, less sick days and increased production.

When I support a family with a cleanse recommendation we often take a look at the health of their home. I empower them to have their home be a healthy place - clearing out cleaning products with chemicals and switching to healthy options (See Healthy Families section and Healthy Homes on so that moving forward there is less toxicity exposure. Diet changes to support energy and decrease inflammation are part of most cleanses as diet is so key to our health but it doesn't have to be gruelling. Often cleanses are a springboard for individuals and families to incorporate some new healthy ways and foods in their daily fare.

Three common health tips we all know but can be reminded of:

1. Drink more water.

2. Lemon in warm water in the morning great for digestion and liver health.

3. Laugh everyday ridiculously. Did you know that even faked laughter has enormous benefits - strengthens the core, elevates mood and neurotransmitters, etc. - so fake it till you make it  - laughter yoga is now worldwide. Try exhaling fully while leaning forward and then slapping your leg - should get you started!  (-: I'm serious…try it…(-: