Staying Healthy While Travelling: Non-toxic Bug Repellants and Bug Bite Help

Ahhh, for those of you heading someplace warm, here are some tips and recipes for keeping your peace and keeping those bugs at bay ...

1. Change your scent - garlic and B vitamins help - bananas do not. Breathe long, smile deep  - chilled out state releases less smelly stress hormones and odour.

2. Wear long sleeved shirts and bandana with bug repellant. For your health and the health of our environment I advocate choosing non-toxic, carcinogen-free products.  Summer Survivor is a Catnip based bug spray that is DEET free, smells good and works great. 

3. For those of you with access to essential oils here are two recipes you may like:

Insect Repellant Recipe: 6 drops of Peppermint, 6 drops of Tea Tree and 9 drops of Eucalyptus. Dilute in spray bottle and use as needed.

Insect Bite Relief: 3 drops Thyme, 30 drops lavender, 12 drops Eucalyptus and 9 drops Chamomile. Do not dilute this one - one or two drops on the bite is all you need.

FYI - If you are looking for good quality essential oils check out The  Healthy Families - Healthy Homes menu on my Home page   - has a link to accessing oils at wholesale prices from the aromatherapy company that I predominantly use in my work.

OK, I feel I would be withholding information  from you if I didn't let you also know about the R30 Universal Ointment  - it is a homeopathic ointment that has been around for many years - my clients and my family swear by it (and refuse to go to Summer Camp without it (-:  ) ---  it works very well in helping you keep your sanity in mosquito country and has many helpful uses being a great addition to a first aid/travel kit. Can help heal dry lips, cracked skin, sore muscles/joints, itchy bites, cuts and scrapes. I place an order a couple times per year. If interested you can call the office to get in on the next order - 403 609-8385.