Nutritional Yeast - The New "Ketchup"

There are certain foods I wish my kids would eat more of.

Quinoa for example.

My 10 year old loves savoury foods and is keen to try new foods but quinoa got a big thumbs down from the get go and so he ends up eating rice when we have quinoa.

Well, not anymore.

He's actually eating and enjoying quinoa on a regular basis now.

No, no bribes were involved. And no, no ketchup either this time.

I have good ol' nutritional yeast to thank for this.

We love putting this vitamin B rich seasoning on our popcorn but I never thought of adding it to grains and with a bit of tamari and ghee  … well this would be the perfect time to throw in a quote from him,   "Seriously mom this is soooo delicious, let's make sure we make this again.

Win for the naturopathic mama! (-: