Mothering the Mother - Messages for Mother and Child

This is the list of messages to give to your child during the 4-6 years old time - its from Dr. Sat Dharam's book A Call to Women. Reading these made me smile and nod as I felt these words speak to me as a mother and give myself permission to be all that I am and good enough at the same time...

You don't have to act scared, sick, sad or angry to be taken care of or to get what you need.

You can have your own view of the world, to be who you are, and to test your power.

You can be powerful and still have needs.

It's OK for you to act and find out the consequences of your behaviour.

You can explore who you are and find out what you are about.

You can do things your way and make mistakes.

You can disagree and think differently from others.

You can trust your feelings and intuition to guide you.