Why get a B12 shot?

You may have heard of a friend raving about getting a B12 shot and wondered if this would benefit you. Many women, especially moms, vegans, vegetarians, blood type As(and Type As), athletes and people with a lot on the go and a lot of energy going out (did I mention moms already!) benefit from a B12 shot. 

After getting one you get an idea if you are deficient/can benefit ... and the shot itself is not a big deal at all.

So, why a B12 shot? 

B12 is not absorbed well in capsule form or in the diet. It is needed to create energy in the body.

It's great to try a B12 shot to see if it can bring your energy up and take off the edge if you're feeling low or irritable from lack of sleep or a rough patch. It can be especially helpful pre-menstrually where your energy can be lower already. If your period is heavy having a shot after your period can be helpful to rebuild the blood.