Best Ever Wedding Vows

For those of you in relationship check out these vows from Zhiish and David's wedding... amazing !
  • Do you commit to creating a relationship filled with laughter, love, joy, passion and play?
  • Do you commit to being close to and independent of each other?
  • Do you commit to fully encouraging and celebrating your partner's genius and creativity?
  • Do you commit to taking full responsibility for your life? To accepting that you are the cause your feelings and actions?
(The next two are my favorites!)
  • When faced with the choice between happiness and being right, do you commit to choosing happiness?
  • Do you both commit to this especially when it seems totally obvious that you are right and the other is wrong?
  • Are you willing to let every interaction deepen your connection to your own essence, the essence of your family and your community?
  • Do you make all of these commitments not only for yourselves but as a way of role modeling for your daughter, future children and your community?