Camping Essentials

·      Homeopathic Motion Sickness blend for the car

·      Summer Survivor Essential Oil Blend Mosquitoe Repellant

·      R30 (Clinic Store)) for bites and scrapes, sore muscles

·      Arnica 30CH – falls/injuries

·      Causticum 30CH - burns

·      Ledum 30CH (puncture wounds including bee stings/mosquitoe bites)

·      Long light shirt, hats, Newco suntan lotion

·      Lots of water, electrolyte mix packets (Emergen C Brand , Endurylyte, Coconut water).

Keeping Health on the Road Simple:

Two Kit Recommendations:

1. First Aid Family Homeopathic Kit from the Clinic Store - compact, easy, great reference book, 

2. Young Living Essential Oils have great selection of oils - the intro kit is the best deal and gives you your essentials - great to keep moods up and to keep family healthy on the road. Our favourite oils: Thieves, Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender (all of these and more in the Compact Intro Kit which is a steal of a deal). To order/more info contact Shonna at email There are many online sites to order Young Living Oils - as a thank you for supporting us we will be sending you a  $20 credit note to use towards any of our products and services.