Top 10 Healthy, Fun "Treats" we've gotten/given over the years and a Sweet October Story for 3 - 8 year olds

  1. A book! Someone went to the old used book store and bought a bunch of halloweenish books to drop in the loot bags --- impressive.
  2. Money - what kid doesn't love that!
  3. Fruit leather.
  4. Cool pencils. Eraser. Bouncy ball. 
  5. Goodypops - "healthier", delicious lollipops available at Nutters/healthfood stores. Diego loves the Banana and Watermelon flavored ones. 
  6. Emergen-C- (Nutters) -  fabulous idea as it is yummy and immune supportive.
  7. Glow-in-the-dark and other stickers. 
  8. A homemade treat from a friend who had some on hand to give out for those she knew.
  9. Healthful delicious raw chocolate!
  10. Gemstones - love it.

Below is the Sweet Halloween Story for Young Children up to 8 years or so. So fun to carve a little pumpkin house for Witchamaroo - the tiniest of all witches - a family could make up lots of stories with this character and her abode - definitely gets the creativity rolling. Enjoy Suzanne Down's story...