Do I have candida? How do I know for sure?

This is a common question in my practice and fair enough - a candida treatment protocol and diet have a reputation for being challenging to follow and for many it's easier to stay motivated to do the work if you are sure you have it.

 Stress, sugar, antibiotics, undiagnosed food allergens, and birth control pill use are a couple of the culprits that contribute to the high prevalence of candida in our society. 

There are two lab tests that I use to diagnose candida:

a. IgG Food Panel - an IgG test that tests for IgG antibodies to candida - as well as a variety of foods. The food test starts at $275 (for 120 foods). There currently is a Candida Panel available through this lab that is available by order through our clinic.

b. A Digestive Stool Analysis - the Microbiology portion of this test runs from $150 - $500 depending on how in depth you want to go. For more info go to or come in to discuss if it’s a fit for you on your next appointment.