Feast and Forage With Your Kids to Keep the Sick Days Away: Gather Rosehips this week with your kids!

Children love to be involved with meaningful work. My children are really in their element when they are contributing in a real way. Fall is a favourite time for us in this way because they love to be involved in preparing for the winter ahead through canning/freezing peaches, making applesauce from the neighbour’s crab apples and collecting rose hips and making Rosehip Medicine together. You simply collect rose hips and then choose a technique to store them for long term use. You can lay them out flat on a baking sheet to dry or throw them in the freezer. Boil them up as tea to support your family’s immune health this winter - while they are sick or just as part of what you drink in the winter. Rosehips are also lovely and calming for our nervous system so warming up a cup of rosehip tea before bed with or without chamomille is yummy and grounding.

Fun fact: Rosehip Tea/Medicine is a much better option than orange juice for your vitamin C.

This site has a nice article on the details of making syrup and shares a respectful way of harvesting herbs from nature. http://www.sacredearth.com/ethnobotany/foraging/Rosehipsyrup.php

I will never forget when my son - 4 years old at the time asked me  in the middle of winter, “Mama, do you know what the best thing about boogers is?” Of course there is no best thing so I had just shrugged my shoulders and then with a great deal of  delight and a huge smile he replied “ ROSEHIP medicine!!!!!” (-:

FYI - The blend he was praising is the Children and Adult Cold and Flu Elixir that has Rosehips, Elderberry and some other potent, nutritious immune herbs. It has been  a bestseller at my clinic for years and keeps well in the fridge to have on hand at the first sign of a cold/flu - 100 ml for $37 , 250ml for $77. You can call 403 609-8385 to order - I love the rosehip teas we make but the other herbs in the Elixir is a bit more heavy duty and has been very effective in helping the body resolve a flu or cold quicker or nip it in the bud and stop it in its tracks altogether. (-:

For more info on Feasting and Foraging With Your Kids in Canmore I happened to write a book on it - it would be great for anyone wanting tips on connecting with their children in nature and anyone who lives in a similar forest environment as Canmore. It was a labour of love to create and .99 cents usd for you (!)- here’s the link: to make it yours: https://www.amazon.ca/Feast-Forage-Your-Kids-Canmore-ebook/dp/B01HSBGDYK