Top 10 Naturopathic Reminders/Support in Times of Stress and Transition

1. Rhythm and Routine - Do what you can to get into a rhythm/routine - especially great for children during times of stress/transition and also excellent for adults as rest, routine and rhythm nourish our stress glands(the adrenal glands).

2. Drink water - helpful in clearing out stress hormones, keeping the brain hydrated and resourceful, grounding and so on ...I've found I really have to be conscious of this daily with having to boil our water. We all know we feel better when we stay hydrated and a hydrated  body sure handles the sun better as well.

3. Food - Eat. and try to eat regularly - eating and sleeping and waking at about the same time every day is a huge support to the body's internal rhythms and innate ability to heal. I have met many people who have commented on how eating food - never mind healthy food got put way down the priority list and also how wonderful receiving food as a gift from a friend is.

4. Rescue Remedy is a gentle, wonderful remedy to help deal with any shock and stress. You can buy this at Nutters/health food store and put it in your water bottle - 5-10 drops and sip on it during the day. Excellent for kids (and if you're flying anywhere this summer).  

5. Adrenal support - B's, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium are nutritional supplements that nourish the adrenals. I like the formulas by Innate that are at Nutters. There are many Gemnos (Sequoia, Ribes) and Homeopathics that support as well (HAD, Surreninum 4CH, Adrenamun).   

6. Homeopathic Remedies - Aconite - great for shock, Ignatia and Nat mur - for processing grief. 

7. Breathe. 

8. Bodywork - Bowen, Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki ... whatever you enjoy

9. Laugh, Dance, Walk, Sing! Keeps things open and moving. Play with your friends!!! (-: 

10. Yoga in general - especially ones to support 1st, 2nd and 4th chakra.