How's Your Iron Mama?

I had a great mentoring call with a colleague of mine from B.C. who has been a Midwife and a Naturopathic Doctor for ages. We were talking about iron and some new research about iron needs in pregnancy and post-partum and how much more common low iron is then is treated. And, how important it is for women to get a well-absorbed, non-constipating form. She has noticed and the studies are backing it that it can take mamas 2 years to get their iron levels back postpartum if not attended to and of course this really affects your energy levels (and what mama couldn't use a bit more of dat!). Check your Ferritin levels (your iron stores) regularly (not more than every 3 mths though) and especially if you have hair loss or fatigue, get a copy and bring it in to your next visit to make sure you're in a good part of the range and we can get on top of it if need be. (-: