10 Health-giving Food Favourites for My Family


1. Hemp seeds - I sneak this into food whenever I can.

2. Better than Bouillon - jar of organic chicken broth paste - fantastic for crockpot dishes, soups --- super easy.

3. Ghee-Coconut Blend from St. Francis Herbs - put it on everything - two healing and tasty oils in one.  Good oils like these two are excellent for our well-being (especially is you are Vata body type) - they both have a high heat tolerance which means they can be heated without losing its health benefits.

4. Kombucha Drinks (back freezer in Nutters/available in most stores these days) - kids love them - it is their super-healthy-pop-alternative treat. 

5. Xylitol gum/candies - again - I'm often on the lookout for healthy alternative to candy/sugar. 

6. Emergen-C electrolyte/Vitamin C packages - fizzy and healthy - they like it!

7. Peabutter  is a great substitute for nutbutter to make nutbutter and seed balls for kids that they can take to peanut free classrooms.

8. Seaweed snacks - delicious for salt lovers - not crazy about the packaging but healthy food.

9. Soba Noodles - several varieties - mixes made with millet, buckwheat, rice, sweet potato - all great.  

10. Miso paste/packages - great easy to digest, quick, warming protein hit - just add hot water and thin slices of whatever veg you have on hand. Great evening snack or warm winter morning drink/meal.