Essential Oils Helping us to Create a Healthy, Sane Family Life!

Our olfactory system is so tied to our nervous system and memories.  We all know that scents can have a profound effect on our mood - freshly baked bread, vanilla, ocean, puppies, coconut oil suntan lotion …. we all have our favourites that truly can align our nervous system to peace and bring us to our happy place very quickly. They are powerful. Using essential oils is one of my families favourite, most welcome ways to heal - from burns to warts to imaginary fears that are preventing sleep - there's an oil for everything! One added benefit is to the breath - stress and anxiety can often accompany childhood challenges - for the child and his/her discomfort and for the parent  …well you know … we love 'em, we can worry and a lot of the work of parenting can be learn as you go. Staying centered and calm is key and I like how the essential oils help me get there - they calm me and allow me to be there more fully with my breath and act more intentionally and intuitively. The beautiful smells have my kids automatically breathing deeper and a fuller, deeper breath is one gateway to creating a relaxed state in the body that is very conducive to healing.

Aside from inhaling the oils directly or applying them for specific ailments I put them in my diffuser. It's a great home health enhancer - cleaning and oxygenating the air to prevent a cold from spreading to the whole family and great at uplifting moods - making grump bumps less sticky! I have 2 diffusers and lots of essential oils - the best quality, best deal I've found that I recommend if you're wanting to get started but not sure where to start is the intro kit by Young Living Essential Oils (Option 3 on their website).  You get  9-10 of their most popular oils plus a great quality diffuser for only $173 CAD - good diffusers can cost around this so this is a steal of a deal - and of course the diffuser can be used for any essential oils you have.  I have enjoyed Blaine Andrusek's oils for years.

Good news  

Another mom and good friend in town set me up so I can get wholesale prices on my next essential oil orders and act as a rep so you can too.  To maintain the ability to get the wholesale prices each individual needs to buy $50 of the oils per year. There are other plans in the company that if your passion takes you further with this you can look into but this one is the option I started with. You can contact local mom Shonna at essentialoilscanmore@ if you're keen to get the diffuser and kit/have any questions. To go right to ordering/seeing more of their products - my link is Essential Oils Family Home Kit  . This summer Alpenglow and Bring Love In are the beneficiaries when you sign up under me.

My favourite Young Living products

The blends: Joy (a little on the heart nice to lift the mood), Peace and Calming - so delicious, Valor - wow - great for emotional healing and courage!, Lavender (good for so much from burns, to restlessness, to cold sores, to infections - as I mentioned in previous newsletters, Lavender is one of those oils where you only need a little bit - less is more!) , Thieves - an excellent blend for viruses and bacteria - put it in the diffuser when cold season is around to keep you healthy with its immune enhancing properties.

There is a booklet that teaches you over 100 uses of the 9 oils in the Basic Home Kit and allows you to feel confident right away in supporting yourself and your family in staying healthy and healing quickly.  It's such a welcome medicine for kids and to see and feel one's confidence of being able to offer some comfort and relief when they are not well, going through transition or injured goes beyond anything else. Go mama go! 

If there's  particular oil you would like to try, let me know because I order monthly and often can add your request to my order. Email for this.