Walk With Your Doc - A Consult in Nature?! Yes, it is true.

Most of us know intuitively how time in nature has a restorative effect on our whole being and how a good walk can clear our head and bring us back to ourselves and what is truly important to us --- to distill the essential from the non-essential.

The question "What is important to you?" is important as we can't be well and give our energy to everything.  This is a question is easy to lose sight of in our full lives. When working with clients I find that the question is helpful in bringing back energy and clarity. Each of us has that knowing of what we need to do to feel better and be happier but that voice that keeps us connected to that can get lost in all the to dos and responsibilities. Part of my work as a naturopathic doctor and a teacher is to empower you with tools and knowledge and creating the space where you can most be you.  A relaxed body and mind is way more creative and resilient and when we are in nature our mind can quiet  more easily and we have greater access to our wise self. 

The research these days supports what we have intuitively felt and is showing us that it's even better for us than we may have thought - affecting our biochemistry in super positive ways . Thanks to my friend Ronna at Eco Yoga for this latest practical research.

2 minutes in nature:
Stess is relieved within minutes of exposure to nature (as measured by muscle tension, blood pressure and brain activity)
2 hours in nature:
Memory performance and attention span improves 20% after spending an hour interacting with nature.
2 days in nature:
Levels of cancer fighting white blood cells increase 50% after spending two or more consecutive days in nature.

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