3 Questions that Transform our Family Dinner Time … oh yeah …and our Life

Years ago I read a book from my sister-law by a Swedish woman named Mia Tornblom. Something she shared really stuck with me. Its a simple practice that I keep coming back to - especially as a mom. She suggested answering these three questions before bed.

1. What am I proud of today?

2. What am I grateful for today?

3. Who do I pray for/send out blessings to today?

Proud of, Grateful for, Pray for.

I had been doing this before bed for a while - on and off - now that I have experience its power - more on. When my kids were younger I did it out loud so they could feel the rhythm of it too - I didn't involve them directly in it.  Now my kids are 7 and 10 years old and we have started doing it before supper/during supper. All I can say is that it is powerful! The people Diego chooses to pray for/send wishes to is so fascinating to me and gives me a glimpse into my more private little man -- holy …. heart of gold.

These little moments of connection and awareness are great habits of happiness to weave into our daily rhythm and in my mind nourish ours and our children's sweet souls.

I love each of the questions but especially have found that the last one is especially helpful when I feel that false sense of aloneness and lack - out of the flow and like there is nothing to give. "I pray for  …. that man in the line-up today - I send him peace and clarity." " … Susan, that she sees the beauty that I see in her." " …. all the children in the world who are needing to be held right now - I send them a warm, love-filled lingering hug."  What can I say --- it just feels so darn good and badda-bing badda-boom - great in shifting back to me.

The last couple years I have been studying the brain and the power of our thoughts and intentions on our level of wellness and joy in our lives and our ability to face and move through uncertainty and stress. I am super interested in the power of what we put our attention on and teach simple techniques to grow joy and love and gratitude in my Mindful/Soulful Mothering classes. This is one of them. These three questions bring us into our heart and who we truly are -- away from our false self that judges, feels lack, feels alone, feels like we're not a good enuf mama/wife/husband/friend …. feels like giving is depleting.

Lately I have been engaged in a program called Dynamic Neural Retraining (DNR) that  teaches how to rewire our brain to happiness --- I'm just reading some of the books Candice and Annie recommended: Hardwiring Happiness (Hansen) and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Dispenza). Super eye opening and helpful in my work with helping individuals and families in creating inner and outer spaces that grow and sustain wellness. Who knows, these questions may be your start to shifting your attention to the good in your life and growing that! I pray that you notice and linger in the beautiful moments of your day today and feel them nourish you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes… (-:

My son and his friends - pretty proud after harvesting the potatoes from our garden and making mashed potatoes. Super proud and super yum!

My son and his friends - pretty proud after harvesting the potatoes from our garden and making mashed potatoes. Super proud and super yum!