Nature Connection: Easy Rosehip Syrup Recipe for Thanksgiving!

Over the years my children, myself and the children in my Fairy Friday groups have loved the late Fall ripening of rosehips (sweetest if you pick them after the first frost). It amazes me that the lovely pink roses give birth to these gorgeous red-deep orange fruit. We eat them, boil 'em up as teas, dry them for late teas, make necklaces with them (this is early on when they are not quite ripe) and make medicine (tinctures) for the winter. 

This week my daughter and her class made Rosehip Syrup and I have to say we fought over the little sample container she brought home - deeeelicious! I feel so grateful for adults who create these experiences with children. The children collected  the Rosehips and went to our town's local Thursday farmer's market to pick up some beautiful raw honey and they made it together at school.

Her teacher sent us the recipe and I thought I have to share this. It's not a measured recipe  - personal taste is going to determine the ingredient amounts. A great activity to get out  in the forest this weekend for - not that we ever need a reason! (-:

Here it is: 

1. Collect ripe rosehips and de-stem and se-seed them (unless you have a fine strainer or cheesecloth to collect the seeds).
2. Get ready to mash! The rosehips can either be softened by heating in a crockpot (3 hours, or until soft enough to mash) or boiling in a pot of water (5-10 min, or until soft enough to mash).
3. Add additional fruit and honey, to taste. We added raspberries and honey into the crockpot and let it all heat for 15 minutes before mashing. 
4. Mash, mash mash. 
5. Spoon into strainer or cheesecloth over a bowl/measuring cup. The longer it sits the more syrup you'll find! 
6. Enjoy:)

"A delicious treat brought to us by the beautiful Fall! " Jacquie, grade 3-4 teacher  (We think you'll agree!)