Guitar Mamas Medicine - Power of Music to Connect, Empower and Heal

We call it "Guitar Mamas"  - a gaggle of 18 (and growing) local mamas here in my mountain town of Canmore who get together once/month to share guitar and song. The healing that this experience has gifted myself and many - if not all - of the women has got me further interested in what in our changing world really creates the space for healing to happen. Certain qualities are growing in our gatherings : Tenderness. Playfulness. LOVE. Presence. Courage. Warmth. Boldness. SHAKTI.

The longing to be witnessed for who we are is met as trust in our group has quickly grown and we stretch ourselves and proudly share the imperfect, the work-in-progress-ness of our songs and ourselves. Sue Denton is the guitar teacher who initiated this monthly gathering - the simple format of picking a name out of a hat and each of us sharing a song has worked like magic.  Once a month is perfect and comes surprisingly quickly.

We're all so different - being moms and loving guitar brought us together.  We write songs to help us through this or that, we sing songs that give us goosebumps, inspire us, bring out tears, touch us.

We are ridiculous and beautiful ... radiant ... each of us.

Over a short time our gatherings have become a safe, loving space for rediscovering ourselves and our passions in our ever-evolving journey of mamahood and life. 

It's been a year now and we had our first GM Retreat Weekend and the group continues to grow.

We have (mostly) stopped making excuses just before we sing/play.

We laugh until we cry and cry until we laugh.

We are lighter leaving.  

In our fast pace world it takes something to create a wider circle of intimacy and connection and spaces to be safe to be ourselves - warts and all. Spaces to heal our spirits, to let ourselves fall a bit apart or at least not hold on so tight to things ... a chance sometimes to put our growing selves back together in a new way ...

Guitar mamas

Song after song I listen, feel and increasingly let myself be open, opened, vulnerable ... let myself love these wild women ... and as a result I am filled-up where it really - for me - counts.

Wishing you a moment today where you are blessed with an awareness of the healing power of music/sound for yourself and for a connection today that grows your capacity to love and be loved - even just a little ... (-: