Power of Sound and Good Vibrations as a Healing Balm .... From Cats to Poorly Remembered Lyrics

The heartbeat that carried us from conception to our birth.

The baby that turns at the sound of her father's voice or to a song that was sung in pregnancy. 

We are wired for sound.

When I first separated I was with a friend who had separated the previous year, "what's helping you move through all this?" I asked him. He didn't miss a 'beat' (haha), "music", he said. On his way back from dropping his children off he would crank the tunes in his car and sing at the top of his lungs.

Singing is one of my medicines too - it provided a sense of connection and outlet for expression in university and as a mama the lullabies I hummed soothed my sleep-deprived body while it grew my babes connection to this world … to home. These days I still sing my kids and myself awake in the morning and to sleep at night - it just became one of those habits that stuck … sometimes when we travel we get out of the routine but so far one of us starts it up again sooner than later. 

Outright singing and playing music is obviously great for our well-being but what about a cat-purring, a dog making those "I'm really enjoying this petting please don't stop" sounds or how about humming a song or even mmmmmm'ing about a delicious meal, a loving touch or a sweet thing that we see? Definitely mini-sound healing sessions folks!  

Santa brought us a kitten this Christmas and we love all her crazy antics - she is bringing a lot of laughter and is transporting us with her purrrrrr into a lands of deep peace. My friend Zhiish, an MD from the coast was telling me that the latest is that these vibrations do in fact influence our nervous systems in a positive, healing capacity - soothing balms for overwhelm, those wired but tired states we can find ourselves in.  Now I'm not saying you need to rush out and get a super adorable kitty with a built-in bliss-out-motor to support your well-being (ok I am) but do for sure enjoy your own little healing-vibration motor  - bring out that favourite song(s) of yours that you don't know the words to and humdinger it for an "at-your-service" vitality boost. Hmmmmmmmm. Bring on those good vibrations … mmmmmm.