Best time for women with PMS, irritability or other liver symptoms to do a cleanse to get the most out of it …

In a word … NOW …well almost that is.

Two reasons: 1. Waning Moon Phase (Time from Full Moon to New Moon) and 2. Spring! (If you are menstruating hold off till you have stopped bleeding to begin).

Working with nature’s cycles and your body’s cycles is the path of ease with healing. When you are working with the greater rhythms around you there is less need for the striving and pushing. OK, you don’t hear about this in the mainstream yet but as we continue to reconnect with nature it will be more and more common knowledge. The refreshing news is that one doesn’t need to intellectualize this one – try it and observe. In this age of information overload ultimately your experience is the one to come back to and gain your insights on how to live your life.

So, the Full Moon is at its fullest today and so starting tomorrow the Moon will begin its waning phase. As the Moon wanes (becomes smaller to our eyes) it’s a great time to let go of schtuff we don’t need. And with Spring upon us and that feeling of renewal and possibility we have a lot of unseen resources to help us in whatever cleansing we’re drawn to at this time. Just do it!

Rhythms and rituals help our lives so much – assuming they are nourishing(!). They create a container for us to do our good (enough) work in the world. For families, doing a big clean after the Full moon will leave you feeling a lot better than during the waxing Moon and then you don’t need to think about this the rest of the month. When it’s in your routine you can take it out of your brain and conserve that energy of deciding and planning to put into things that really float your boat that you’d like to move forward/create more of in your life.

So here are my recommendations:

1.     Do spring cleaning in the waning phase of the moon . I cannot NOT tell you about Marie Condo’s book The Magic of Tidying Up. It is my absolute favorite book if you’ve been wanting to de-clutter and create a home you love – it is actually fun and no other system is as effective in my mind in creating what feels like is a goal for many of us – a life of joy – the main question she has you ask yourself in this process re: any item is “does this spark joy?” – results are far beyond a clutter free home life! It’s quickly becoming a key resource for me in my work with supporting families in creating a healthy, peaceful, joyful home-life. So many of the day-to-day stresses we get ourselves tied into are fixable I’m finding when we create healthy foundations based on pillars of simplicity, presence and play…

2.     Do your yearly/biannually liver-kidney-lymph cleanse at this time too. There are so many to choose from. If you live in a cold climate I do not recommend long fasts or juice cleanses – and that depends on your body constitution too. Clear Change is a 10-Day cleanse that is my client’s favorite due to its simplicity and it comes with recipe support, etc. so no one feels hungry on it. Homeopathic cleanses are gentle and are great for kids and adults alike. I use a Detox specific questionnaire in my clinic to direct me to a better fit for a client. My observation – everyone can benefit from a supportive liver cleanse in today’s day and age. If you can do yearly cleanses for your kids before puberty their liver will have an easier time dealing with the increase in and fluctuating hormones which translates to less angst and better skin.

Seize the day and cleanse away friends!