Blissful beginnings. What probiotic is best for my baby?

It's so great to hear this question in my practice as it tells me that the benefits of probiotics in early childhood is pretty common knowledge and the question now is on quality. Yeah! Probiotics are such a simple, potent way to support your child's immune system and wonderful developing body. A baby in discomfort is hard on everyone and since your baby's digestive tract is pretty bare bones supporting it reaps great rewards not only physically for your growing child but also emotionally for you as a parent. The type of strains of bacteria in a probiotic supplement are key in determining the difference in quality.

Here are the top four HMF probiotic supplements recommended in early childhood - any of these can be used even if no symptoms are present:

HMF Natogen - this product has no FOS and a dose of probiotics that is gentle but still therapeutic for newborns. Most common probiotic for newborn babes used in the naturopathic profession (powder).

HMF Baby B - has a higher dose of probiotics and is for babies in their first year of life who are breastfed (powder). Excellent for your babe if they need something stronger due to the presence of yeast symptoms in mom or babe, if babe had a belly birth(not exposed to natural strains received through vaginal birth) or if there are allergies, eczema, digestive symptoms or asthma present now or in your family health history.

HMF Baby F - preferred choice for babies who are taking formula (powder).

HMF Child - "mama it tastes like bubblegum" was the last feedback I heard in the waiting room after a client tasted one. This is a yummy, high quality probiotic that comes in easy lozenge form for the older child. 

In my experience the HMF strains bring the results my families are looking for and the latest study with these particular strains brought their potency home. The study showed that exposure to these strains in the first 2 years of life significantly reduced eczema, allergies and other atopic diseases and this was in families where these diseases were present in one or both of the parents. The implications of this on overall health is huge. Digestive health is key to getting the most of your food and to your babe's level of wellbeing moving forward. Probiotics play a simple, integral part in creating a good foundation here. When a family comes to me with complaints of frequent infections, digestive symptoms and even mood issues(ADHD, depression), probiotics are #1 in my top 3 recommendations.

I try to keep probiotics readily available in our clinic fridge for my local clients. If you are making a special trip call before to make sure there are some in stock. (403) 609-8385.

 If you live somewhere where you cannot buy the HMF early childhood products take the time to do your research on what is available - probiotics are one of those supplements where quality really varies. Some questions to ask a company: Is there a third party testing the product for purity and content - can I see an assay? Have there been trials with these particular bacterial strains? Have these trials been specific to the age group of your child? What measures are employed in regards to the storage and delivery of the product -  bacteria often are viable within certain temperature ranges?

Probiotics are one of those supplements that produce tangible results in a relatively short time - it is not a cure all for everything but certainly a piece in creating a blissful beginning for your little one … and you.

"HMF Natogen was the only effective probiotic I tried on H. that assisted in getting her yeast infection under control. I wish every mom and baby who struggle with yeast infections during breastfeeding were aware of this product. 

On another note, I also tried the Baby B last month and love it too!" S.M., Canmore mom