2015 Client Favorite Restorative Treatment: Acupuncture plus Tuning Forks = Acutonics

What do you get when you marry an age-old healing modality like acupuncture and chinese medicine with tuning forks that carry vibrations of OM, Mars, Venus, Chiron and many more? You get a pretty cool system of healing called Acutonics. Sound healing has taken off in the last 10 years from singing bowls to forks to gongs to mantras. Such an enjoyable way to heal us on many levels. The most popular treatment at our clinic has been an Adrenal Restorative Protocol designed to improve adrenal health and decrease the effect of stress on your body, mind and spirit. It brings you out of fight or flight/overwhelm into a meditative, healing state and builds your life force energy. Since we work with the acupuncture points and meridians of the body your body's ability to heal itself is strengthened through application of the forks on the various points and you increase your resiliency to life's stresses and challenges when your "Kidney Qi" is back on track. This is an excellent treatment to experience if you would like to experience the stress-busting, sleep supportive benefits of acupuncture but don't care for needles. Great for wired/tired moms or perimenopausal women.  See you on the table! (-: