Summer Solstice - Full Moon Fun: Flower Essence Making and the Power of Ritual with My Daughter

Last night Solana and I and some friends went for a walk and filled beautiful crystal wine glasses with river water. We then let the petals (of the flower we have most been attracted to lately) fall into the glass. This is the first step of making a flower essence.  It is so easy to do - the Moonlight and Sunlight are doing their part now and then comes the brandy to preserve it! 

Flower Essences are such beautiful, gentle remedies to support emotional well-being and radiance. We goggled what the flower essences we chose were for (just to see) and we all couldn't believe how perfect they matched what we needed. Is there a flower you've been WOWED by lately? … let's follow our wows mamacita ... pay attention to what delights us ...what brings us joy. Notice what make you say "ahhh and mmmmmm..."... these are keys to our truest medicine. 

I was reminded yesterday how my heart melts beyond all opening from the sweet reverence children drop into when they see us in community, in nature, sharing ritual. Lately Solana can fill my ears with her wanting of an Apple product for her birthday and knows all the words to songs she … well …shouldn't lol … she wears my high heels with absolute ease and sneaks my minimal makeup … often it feels like she is a lot older than she is. I love it all - I really do - AND I feel so blessed when I get to experience different, less known aspects of her amazing being - like the part of her that emerged last night when we're in nature and ritual together.  Deeply soulful. Quiet power. Pure presence. Mmmmm … Connected. Together. Yum.