3 Letter Power Words for Parents - Part II: WORD #2 (Can you guess?)

Before we get to the new words I'm curious how the first word "yet" is making it's way into your life with your children?

Truth is "YET" can be a POWER WORD for us adults too. 

I (and I know I'm not alone) can be so hard on myself and impatient with my own growth and all the new things I'm trying to learn/unlearn. Last week I was frustrated over a habit that I was trying to make happen that I was falling short at again and again and adding in a kind, calm internal "yet" at the end of the "Argggg, I just CAN'T ... !"  changed my perspective and mood pretty immediately, changed the exclamation marks to a period and I felt my breath naturally become deeper, fuller and more spacious. So use all these words not just with your outer children but with your 'inner kids' as well!

POWER WORD #2: "MAY". This word is actually another one that can help us so much on our journey of staying nourished as a parent. As you will see it can help us develop kindness and self-compassion towards ourselves (whaaat?!) .... which in my experience is a parenting, happiness game changer.(-:

3 ways I have used "May":

      1. With young children around what needs to be done:  "you may wash your hands now, " "you may walk with us", "you may brush your teeth", "you may come to the table," "you may ...".

When I first heard a Waldorf kindergarten teacher use "May" in the classroom I was mesmerized and calmed at the same time. When she then said to me, "Ms. Monika, you may come along on the morning walk with us" I felt myself stand a little taller. Something about this word. "May" has this quality of having-the-privilege or honour to ... "I May?! Ohhh, how lucky am I!" It elevates and brings you in the moment.

I also noticed that "May" helps curb the everyday habit of asking children to do things that they don't actually have choice over and brings in a quality of authority ... loving authority.  Our children want to know that we are in charge and I think we aim to be benevolent leaders ... "may" helped me in this. (-:

      2. As an intention ... a way to direct our attention for the day ... to set a wish/send out a prayer for the day: "May we notice all the ways we are nourished by life today." "May we find much joy and laughter with our friends today." "May we notice and let ourselves be filled up by beauty today." "May unexpected blessings come our way today." Do these phrases warm your heart or is it just me?

      3. As a blessing: "May" is the "power word" of loving kindness mindfulness practices. Directing a blessing and loving kindness/care to ourselves (yes please! (-: ), to our children , to friends, frenemies, family, trees, animals ... every being benefits from receiving your loving kindness through "May you..." and "May I ... " and "May we ..." blessings.

Common phrases in the traditional buddhist practices are: "May I be safe ... happy ... at peace ... healthy ... free of suffering ... "

Two of my favorites are: " May you know how deeply loved you are." and "May you be filled with loving kindness." 

Here's a loving kindness meditation I recorded for our mindful mama weekly classes and for you to enjoy ...

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OK, that's a wrap on "May"! (-:

Today, may we offer ourselves the same sweet kindness we offer our dearest friend (no matter how far from our ideals and should've, could'ves we find ourselves!). xo, Monika