No Jet Lag To Start Your Trip With! 3 Naturopathic Family Favourites To Help You Feel Your Best DAY 1

As some of you get ready to make some longer trips to visit family or find some heat I thought you'd appreciate some tips to help you skip the "Jet lag" piece (fatigue, sleeping off, digestion off, mood off, hangover type feeling).  

This blog goes past the more common travel tips of staying hydrated, not eating gassy foods that will bloat when flying and putting your feet up/moving when you can but of course do these practical suggestions too.

When I travelled with the kids to Jordan to visit my brother following some of these suggestions got us into our new rhythm surprisingly quick. Finding ways to get yourself and your family feeling good right away when you get to your destination and then when you get home is in our minds so worth it. 

I have heard that for many of you, you use Melatonin as your Jet lag buster and take 1-3 mg at the time you want to sleep in the new country. No problem with this - I use to use this in the past too. Truth is that over the years I have found that melatonin can have varying results for people so I'm giving you more options. FYI - With Melatonin, more isn't always better and some people report feeling unrefreshed on waking after taking it to help them with sleep. If this isn't you and it's working well stay with it ...

Here are some other suggestions:

1. For kids (and parents with anxiety) I find bringing a small bottle of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy along on the trip and putting some drops in a water bottle or glass of water can help with Jet Lag. Rescue Remedy is in my opinion a must have for Natural First Aid Kits and can easily be found at Health Food Stores or the natural medicine aisle at bigger grocery stores. It has the added bonus of having a calming effect (so helpful for the stress that long travel days, big airports and timelines can bring) and it is completely safe for kids to use. 

2. TPIN (Pineal Complex) from one of my favourite companies (Seroyal) is the go-to supplement for a nurse friend of mine when she travels and it makes sense! This complex supports the pineal gland which is responsible for healthy sleep-wake rhythm. You take 1 capsule every 3 hours from when you take off until you go to bed at the bedtime hour of the new place. You follow the same protocol on the way home. No Melatonin side effects with this one.

TPIN is a combination product (herbs and nutrients) that supports your pineal gland in doing its job.  As I mentioned the pineal gland looks after the body's proper sleep-wake cycles and moods and is the gland that naturally produces melatonin in response to light. TPIN helps sleep imbalances in general actually - not only jet lag but also insomnia, shift working complaints and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

3. 'No Jet Lag' the homeopathic complex. From athletes, to authors to people in the flying industry to travelling business folk to families on the fly (-: this has been a godsend. You will often find this blister pack of homeopathics at the health food store as it gains popularity. If you can't for whatever reason find it you can make your own blend by adding 2-3 pellets of each of these single homeopathics to water and sipping it every couple hours during and after the flight. 

The combo of homeopathics* in Jet Lag are:

1. good ol' Arnica Montana (Leopard’s Bane) - 30CH

2.  Bellis Perennis (Daisy) - 30CH

3.  Chamomilla (Wild Chamomile) - 30CH

4. Ipecacuanha (Ipecac) - 30CH

5. Lycopodium (Clubmoss) - 30CH

* The office sells single remedies and the TPIN if you need.

Hope this helps you enjoy your holidays from DAY 1! Healthy travels to you and your family ... xo, Dr. Monika  (-: