Do That Something That Scares You ...

When I have heart to heart conversations with people who are at a crossroads and we really get to the bottom of it it is common for fear or a feeling of anxiety to show up.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Yes, but have we been taught to actually do this! Most of us no.

Freedom is pretty high on the list of what people desire. Understanding what they fear is key to having the freedom they desire. Growing and evolving involves new territory and the unknown and uncertainty of this new ground can sometimes stop us in our tracks.

What are you afraid of from the ‘common’ fears?

Public speaking, death, heights, spiders, snakes.

What about the day to day realm of relationships and creative expression? Using your voice to share what is true for you, putting yourself out there creatively ...

I feel fear in my throat or in my gut/solar plexus when I'm stepping into a big unknown or something that reminds me of an unpleasant situation in the past. Noticing the sensations of these in stuck emotions in the body is the first step to having them loosen their grip.

What do you feel when you feel out of your comfort zone?

Be curious about the actual sensations because as strange as it might seem these really are your doorway to a creating a life you love.

The Yoga therapy coaching that I offer in office and through skype (for current clients) works with our physical and energetic body to clear tension, grief, fear, resentment and worry that is stuck in the body.

Lately I have been using these processes with clients who are afraid to express their creativity in singing or speaking to break through to the other side of the fear and move into flow.

Let’s increase our capacity to be brave with these hard to navigate emotions that are a normal part of life and reclaim the energy that has been tied up in the suppressing of them!

To try a yoga therapy coaching session call (403) 609-8385 for availability.

To living life wholeheartedly! xo