Have You Had the Experience Where You Muster Up Courage To Do Something That Scares You ...

... and you feel great for a few days only to come up against something else. Often we don't even know that we're not doing something because of fear but our body ... if we check ... let's us know pretty good! 

When I have heart to heart conversation with people who are at a crossroads and we really get to the bottom of it it is common for fear or a feeling of anxiety shows up.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Freedom is pretty high on the list of what people desire. Understanding what they fear is key to having the freedom they desire. Growing and evolving involves new territory and the unknown and uncertainty of this new ground can stop us in our tracks/freeze us.

What are you afraid of from the ‘common’ fears?

Public speaking, death, heights, spiders, snakes.

I feel fear in my throat or in my gut/solar plexus when I'm stepping into a big unknown/past unpleasant situation that caused pain. Noticing them as sensations in our body is the first step to having them loosen their grip on us.

Where do you feel it when you feel out of your comfort zone?

Be curious about these sensations because as strange as it might seem these really are your doorway to a greater freedom and peace. The Yoga therapy coaching with acupuncture that I offer at our clinic in Canmore works directly with the physical and energy body to clear old tensions/fear and worry.

Lately I have been using it with clients who are afraid to express their creativity in singing or speaking to break through to the other side of fear and move into flow.

Change and growth is a part of life and our soul wants us to not hold back. Our ability to accept and flow and create and share our gifts hugely influences our life. Let’s increase your confidence to be with the uncertainty that is a normal part of life so it doesn’t stop you from living fully and wholeheartedly, To try a yoga therapy coaching session call (403) 609-8385 for availability. (-:

To your freedom and joy and self-expression! xo