Key Immune & Energy Supps For Moms and Kids To Stay Healthy (Body & Mind) in December

1. For mom: a supplement for energy, calm, decent libido and good sleep. Three most popular options: Stress Calm (Restorative Formulations) or Adrenomend (Seroyal) or if you have sugar cravings with the low energy then Multi Glyco (Seroyal). Nutritive for the adrenal glands. Helps build your resilience to stress. This adrenal type of support steps right in and decreases the effect that excess stress has on your body and mind. It gives us increased energy, keeps cortisol more balanced (and away from our belly), increases our sex drive and our sense of 'calm-no-matter-what'.

2. No-sick kids-type-of-holiday supplement. "Sign me up!" (-: 

If I have to pick one immune supplement to be consistent with for my kids in December it is: HMF Fit for School. I like this one because:  a. it is easy to take (lozenge form so children just pop one in when heading out the door)  and b. it covers 3 of our key immune health foundational nutrients: Vit D, Vit C and an excellent, well-researched probiotic.  

Gut health plays a major factor in our overall immune health as well as our levels of serotonin. What does that mean? Having a healthy gut (probiotics being a significant piece of this) effects how well we respond to infections going around and effects our mood too! (Mom if you are looking for a probiotic for you - HMF Intensive is a tried and true fave of adults.)

3. Protein Powder for Nutritional  Backup While Holidaying It: Paleo Protein Complete by Designs for Health.  I'm just starting to carry this protein powder and am really excited about this one. Easy to absorb and in my opinion one of the least allergenic protein powders out there. Finally! This is perfect if your health is a priority for you and and you don't want to be climbing out of the mud in January to get back on track from eating too much stuff that makes you feel yuck. This really is for you if you have made some changes in your diet - maybe you are going more paleo or keto or less wheat - and you are feeling good about these changes but you suspect that holiday visiting is going to bring some challenges and you want to be proactive and have some simple nutritious backups available to fuel you up.

4. Lastly I'm going to get crazy with you and suggest you consider a December liver detox cleanse. Liver cleanse in December? ! Yes! lol ... you can support your organs of detox during this time without going on a strict dietary cleanse.

I remember in naturopathic school how we used our knowledge of the body, the liver, processes of detoxification and nutrition to avoid hangovers and the bloat from overeating at delicious potlucks - using digestive enzymes, avocado and natural liver cleansing remedies worked like a charm! We liked to feel good and be able to be active the 'mornings after'. (-: Eventhough it seems counter intuitive, doing a liver cleanse like the Unda sets is actually a wise and effective way to support your body in the extra indulgences you share in over the holidays.  Unda 1, 20 and 243 are my favourite combo to support indulgence/general detox - supports liver and digestion health!

To get more specific about what  you can do to reach your family's health goals or to order any of these supplements through the office, call (403) 609-8385 - phone consults are available as well for out-of-towners.

To you feeling amazing this holiday! xo  Dr. Monika

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