Feeling Overcommitted This Holiday? Simplifying Needs You Knowing Your "Yes"

"Just simplify." We know we want to but why is it sometimes so hard.

We want holidays and a life where the things that are important to us and feed us actually make up our days but then we find ourselves over-scheduled, overwhelmed, disconnected and pooped. Being able to simplify in a way that is fulfilling to us has its roots in knowing your 'yes' and 'no'. 

If you have the habit of overcommitting, use this 3 question tool from a friend of mine that I ask myself to help me with my "yes" and "no" as the many possibilities and activities come up this (and any other!) time of year:

1. Does this feel healing to me?

2. Does it feel life giving? (Will I feel alive from being part of this?)

3. Does it align with my values?

Here's the thing, no matter what our answers, these questions are helpful to ask as they get us honest about what lights us up and makes us feel alive and what we are doing out of obligation, old patterns or have-tos. The answers help us get real with our energy and what we need so we can take charge of our days again and take our well-being into account. 

Now this is a journey --- it's not easy with all the amazing opportunities coming our way to stay out of overcommitedness/overwhelm but making a habit of stopping and reflecting with questions like these sure can help. It gives us new perspective and possibility. Scheduling more self care around an event that may for whatever reason be taxing is one thing I do for those situations that feel unavoidable or if I'm at an event for my kids or a good friend and I'm feeling bored/unengaged I find asking 'what of this CAN I say yes to?' makes all the difference in how I feel at the end of the night ... it's like that question gets me 'back in the game' and engaged again and out of the draining energy of "have-to" ...

So ... what works for you?

Here's to living your days even just a little truer to you! xo, Dr. Monika