Do you find yourself coming up to 2019 and asking yourself "Where did 2018 go?!"

If you were not able to create the level of health or the life changes you were hoping to (it's all related) you may want to dig deeper than questioning your willpower, your ability to stay focused, your motivation or even your self-worth (have you ever noticed that the self-talk can get downright nasty around our failed expectations of ourself ... yikes ... somehow it is ok for us to say that garbage to ourselves when we would never talk to our friends like this ...) .

Instead of going down those familiar avenues the digging deeper would be to explore your subconscious beliefs roles in your successes and 'failures'. Not addressing these behind the scene drivers keeps many of us stuck and frustrated and blaming ourselves or others for not having the life we want. The ones we really want to check out are the beliefs that are unknowingly limiting us --- "limiting beliefs'. (-: The good news is that chances are if you are reading this that you have WAY WAY more beliefs that are working for you than aren't.

The ones that unknowingly stop us are few, but sticky ... they often don't drop off by themselves.

Since these are subconscious beliefs we are talking about it may seem like they would be pretty hard to figure out not to mention change them. Actually with the growing field of neuroscience and brain health we are actually now understanding how to practically work with shifting our beliefs and to bring ourselves into the slower subconscious brain wave states that allow for transformation of our limited views. It's actually pretty easy.

Theta healing, Yoga Therapeutics and Yoga Nidra are three processes that work with shifting things from the inside out. I started to explore these when I saw that people were coming into my practice crystal clear on what change they wanted and also clear on what not changing was costing them and yet having the darnest time making the changes and doing the things that they knew would be good for them. I was noticing that I was experiencing frustration around this in some areas of my life too!

So these healing therapies came as a need for tools to address this seeming hiccup in the process of healing and creating a life that feels aligned and feeling well!