Top 4 Essential Oils for Clearer Skin

Good quality pure essential oils (Young Living and DoTerra are my personal favourites) are powerful medicines. Essential oils are part of a plant's natural immune defence system which explains part of their potency (immune wise) but there is more. Due to their connection to our emotional center through our sense of smell essential oils are - in my mind - truly mind-body-soul health solutions.

My personal rule of thumb with Essential Oils is to only use oils I love the smell of and to use them often. (-: It's such an easy, quick self-care/energy shifter and anyone around you (kids, partners) benefit as well - the ripple effect!  Essential oils are yummy support for everyday physical healing as well as our soul wellness ... here's some of my favs to support clearer skin!

Lavender - I have used Lavender oil in the past when parasites did a number on my digestive system and my once super clear skin went awol (absent without official leave!). Lavender is a main stay in our home and in the case of skin health has a double benefit as it is anti-microbial as well as a stress buster and sleep promoter (which has a huge effect on skin health).

2 drops right on a pimple is often enough for any of the essential oils but do your due diligence and try a little at first as everyone's skin is unique.

Purification Blend - my 'geek-out-on-essential-oils buddy' Shonna uses a mix from Young Living Oils called Purification on her daughter's acne which she swears by - it speeds up the healing process and decreases the redness. Purification includes (among other oils like Rosemary and Lemongrass) Tea Tree oil which is #3 on this list and probably globally the most common essential oil used topically on acne - I don't love the smell so it's further done on my list. It is known for it's antimicrobial/anti-fungal action. An infected pimple ... no one needs that ... so all these oils actually help in that department.

Clary Sage is my top choice  (after Lavender) for women who have acne premenstrually due to its skin healing and hormonal balancing properties. I find for best results in treating acne that is part of PMS, a systems approach that includes Clary Sage (but addresses the other key hormone related systems) is the way to go. Note: If you have acne during pregnancy Clary Sage isn't the one to use unless you're at term. Go with the Lavender instead in pregnancy. (-:

And of course drink plenty of water! Half your body weight in ounces. E.g. 140 pounds - 70 ounces recommended i.e. around nine 8 ounce glasses a day. Writing that makes me feel thirsty immediately - off to quench my thirst ... xo Monika