Chemical Free Cleaning for Our Hormone Balance & Our Children's Future: My 5 Fave Norwex Products

Good for the environment, highly effective and good for you and your growing family. That's what I'm talking' about! The Norwex cloths are an excellent choice if you are looking for some help in keeping the home clean and are looking for ease, healthy home and simplicity. If you look after the cloths they can last for years - a friend has one that is 6 years old and it still doesn't smell. The only downside I've found with these products is that you have to pick them up and use them (darn it all!). Aside from that they are very satisfying to use because the effort you do put in goes a long way and since they do a good job the children grumble less about pitching in because they see the difference too and it's quick and easy. There are loads of great products by Norwex depending on what you need. I know that researching what is best can be overwhelming and can make us put off things  - so I've made it simpler by sharing with you my top five recommendations: prices may vary from time of post.

#1. Scrubby Starter Pack Kit (Item #1410)-$76.99 - When you buy the Kits, you save some money. The kit I recommend is the scrubby pack which has a : window cloth (brilliant item - their best seller, no streaks - one wipe - love it), an environmental paste that is great for those harder to clean items (oven hoods, stubborn bathtub rings - it's non-toxic and safe even if the kids got some in their mouth by accident) and an enviro cloth (this is their basic all purpose microfiber cloth - all you need is water and the cloth). The last item that comes with it could only be thought of by someone who has cleaned a kitchen table/counter/floor more than once - its called a Scrubby Cloth and is basically their Enviro Cloth with one corner of it having a more abrasive material that gives you that extra oomph when you're cleaning and you come up to something that a normal wipe isn't handling ... stuck jam, dried oatmeal .... 

#2. Basic Package (Item #1213) - $33.99 - Envirocloth and Window Cloth - these two items are really all you need if you're ok with using a bit more elbow grease in some situations that the paste/scrubby cloth would come in handy. 

#3. Micro Cleaning Hand Pads (Item #357110) - $6.99 for a pack of two. Worth it's weight in gold. Parents, caregivers, schools, and anyone else using one, say goodbye to your Magic Erasers - many people expect that what is on the shelves must be healthy for us - unfortunately this isn't so and we need to educate ourselves. These pads can be cut into little squares and will last a long time if you use it this way. It works amazingly well at getting marker and pen marks off our walls and furniture without taking paint off. If you're a parent of young children you know that creating a experience where children can mess around with and express themselves freely through art and expecting to not have marks here and there/everywhere is unrealistic. Have these environmentally friendly "healthy erasers" on hand and relax ….(-:

#4. Dusting Mitt (Item #: 308000) - $18.49  With its thick, terrycloth-like texture and unique mitt design, the Dusting Mitt attracts and holds dusts and allergens and is ideal for quick, chemical free, easy dusting throughout the house including blinds and other difficult to reach areas. Size: 26cm x 14cm / 10” x 5”. Full disclosure: I don't dust regularly but my kids like this - they'll wet it and use it to wipe tables/counters.

#5. Oven and Grill Cleaner - my sister-in-law introduced me to this product and after my first and last turning on of the self-cleaning function on our oven I was all ears. That was an awful experience I have to say. Intuitively I felt we all needed to get out of the house and it was a while before we could use the oven without the air purifier going full steam. After doing some research I realized my hunch was right - that self-cleaning process is healthy for no one. Fortunately, there's a better ways to clean our ovens and this … is one of them.