7 Fav Foods We Stock Up On At Cheap Tuesday Shopping Day at Save-On/Nutters

1. Organic Butter - to make ghee with mainly. A lot of toxins are fat soluble so I go for organic butter whenever I can and when making ghee it separates so much cleaner and easier. Ghee is one of the top 10 healing foods in Ayurvedic medicine - excellent for brain and gut health (which as many of you know go very much together).

2. Organic, Raw L'Ancestre Cheese - Fort - the raw and older cheeses are easier to digest and less mucous forming. Clients who don't do well on dairy say this is well tolerated - minimal-no lactose in these.

3. Grassfed Beef - great in crockpot/stirfries/meatballs. I don't eat a tonne of red meat but when I do this is my number two choice (wild game my first) - lately with Spring springing I am craving lighter foods though but a couple packets of this always makes it into our freezer.

4. Organic Bone Broth - this is a such a nourishing treat - there is turkey, beef and vegetable at Save-On now. I put it in the freezer and use it on those days where I need extra nourishment and don't have it in me to make bone broth from scratch!

5. Frozen Wheatgrass - wheatgrass juiced feels so good to me! My body absolutely loves it and craves it. I wish I could always manage to keep the wheatgrass growing and going in my home but when I can't I feel so grateful to have this as a backup. I throw a couple wheat grass frozen cubes in my smoothies or have it with lemon. YES! 

6. A bag (or two) of Organic Lemons - they last well and starting or ending the day with some lemon in water is refreshing and light! And lovely support for our liver. (-:

7. Organic Kefir - the strawberry version is super yummy, but if you're off sugar go for the plain which is tasty with fruits. Fermented dairy like kefir is easier in general to digest and the fizzy seems to be a hit with the kids.